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CXU Universal Blu Ray Offers Free Google Chromecast And Chromecast Setup.

CXU Universal Blu Ray Offers Free Google Chromecast And Chromecast Setup.

Cambridge Audio is a company known for its Hi-Fi home theatres and amplifiers. “CXU Blu-Ray” is the best ever universal player by the company. It is famous for its best audio and video quality and designed for outstanding performance.

Now, the award winning universal player manufacturing company Cambridge Audio brings a free gift to its new and existing customers. Company offers brand new free Google Chromecast to the owners of CXU –Universal Blue Ray player. Now question is that what is Chromecast and is there any benefit of it to customers?


Chromecast is physical device like a dongle which is used for streaming media. It connects to HDMI port of TV. You can cast TV shows, games, movies, sports, music and more to your TV from your mobile, tablet or laptop. It can streams media fast than other device. All you need is a good internet connection. It runs on a simple version of Google Chrome OS. By getting information what we want to watch, it finds the media through Wi-Fi network and streams it directly to our TV.  Mobile or laptop acts like a remote of Chromecast device.  Connecting Chromecast to CXU Blu-Ray player will definitely benefits the customers. It will enhance the quality of the output from the streaming device. Customers will get fast speed streaming and best quality of audio and video together. Google ChromeCast Setup will give you entire information about this streaming device.

It will give unique and hi-fi video and audio quality to the Blu-Ray player owners. Advanced processor of CXU will convert audio contents of the Chromecast to 24 bit/192khz high quality and video contents to 4K quality which gives extra ordinary experience of streaming. With the help of Chromecast Support Blu-Ray player owners can connect Chromecast device.

Customers of Blu-Ray player have to visit the website of Cambridge Audio to get their free Chromecast. They have to upload bill or any other proof of purchase to claim their gift. The company will send Google Chromecast to their customers in few days. After getting their Chromecast, customers need to connect it to the CXU player via HDMI port given in player. Now the customers need to setup the Chromecast by visiting the site Www ChromeCast com Setup or take help from ChromeCast help. Once the setup is done they can enjoy media from phone, tablet or laptop and control the audio and video functions from CXU Blu-Ray player.

Now they can stream YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu or can view videos with improved audio and video quality. It will give pleasing experience to them. Chromecast streams contents with high quality at good speed. Now users can use their mobile or tablet as a remote for their Chromecast and TV. With connecting Chromecast to the CXU player, the viewers can watch their favorite programs with highest audio and video quality. With Chromecast, TV can acts as a mirror to their mobiles or laptops as they can cast media on TV which they are seeing on the phone. Kids will also love to play or watch YouTube kids with new experience. They can watch their favorite cartoons or movies with good audio and video quality. It is a great chance for CXU owners to get a free Chromecast.  Setup Chromecast will help you to solve any problem to connect their Chromecast.

CXU Universal Blu Ray Offers Free Google Chromecast And Chromecast Setup.

So, if you are the proud owner of CXU Blu-Ray universal player from Cambridge Audio. Then go to the official site of Cambridge Audio and claim for your free streaming device Google Chromecast. Upload the bill you got when you purchased the player and qualify for your gift. When Chromecast will arrive connect it with CXU, install it and enjoy the new experience of entertainment with fast speed of streaming and high quality of audio and video.