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Wireless Multi-Room And Google Cast Are Now Available In Pioneer VSX-1131, VSX-831 AVRs


Pioneer has launched new series of audio devices. These new Elite series devices include many anticipated and demanded features such as Wireless Multi Room streaming, Google cast integration and much more.

This Elite series of receivers was announced last month by pioneer. VSX 1131 with 7.2 will be shipped at $600 while VSX 831 supporting a 5.2 channel will be shipped at $449 by pioneer. Series supporting Dolby ATMOS technology is still retained at $599 by pioneer. These newer receivers will support updating firmware OTA. They will receive a DTS audio update this fall and will support it.

These both models of speakers are Audio Video receivers with networking capabilities. These devices can connect with each other. Connection will let them share and stream common audio. They can also stream audio in synchronisation with each other due to networking features of the AVR.

They include Built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay and streaming services, for instance, vTuner. They also support Pandora, Spotify and google cast integration. These latter integrations will come in future updates. Google cast update is also a part of future updates. It does not support cast out of the box.

Fireconnect technology from BlackFire is used by Pioneer for multi-room audio streaming. As used by other companies, a smartphone enabled app is used to control all the features of this pioneer AVC which is wireless supported.

It can stream any kind of AVR streaming using this app. From Bluetooth speakers to table top speakers. Though Harman Kardon also use BlackFire technology but these speakers might not be compatible with this software solution. Though it is compatible with Onkyo’s FireConnect.

Google Cast audio content is also supported. It is not supporting out of the box. It will support after update. It pulls content from cloud directly so it saves battery. Users can also multitask from their smart phones and can switch them off. Basically google cast audio will save battery. Google audio cast also supports Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, NPR One and Tune In.

Both models support HDMI2 with 18 GBPs and support FLAC audio playback.