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Why Do You Need To Update Google Home App For iOS?

Are you using Google’s Home app on your iOS device? If yes, then there is good news for you. Google has updated this app and included some amazing features as well. There is a media control widget that is included in the app, which users can use to control media that they are watching on their televisions via Chromecast. Want to know more about this update and this widget in particular, then kindly go through the blog post.  

Google came up with a media control notification last year that popped up on Android devices whenever users try to cast something to Google Chromecast or Google Home. But, at that time, the feature was restricted to Android devices, which is a decision that the company regrets to this day because iOS users were also asking for the same feature on Google Home app for iOS. Google delayed this feature from coming to iOS platform, which was a move that people didn’t like in the first place.

But, as they say, it’s better late than never. The feature finally made its way into the iOS, and people who are using Apple devices can use this media control notification. People can also use the widget that was launched by Google as a part of the Home app.

How can people use this media controls widget?

If you want to know about this widget, then let us tell you what it does. If you have multiple casting devices at home, then you can make use of this widget to identify and connect those devices to the TV. This widget allows up to four casting devices to connect at once. Any media file sent by you or anyone else can be easily controlled via this widget. It is also possible for you to play, pause and stop content from this media controls widget.

How to use this widget in the right way?

If you are looking to use this widget, then you need to install the most recent version of Google Home app on your device, which in this case is an Apple device. So, you can get the app from Apple App Store. After downloading and installing the app, you need to swipe down from the top of the device’s home screen to access Today view.

Once done, you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then, tap ‘edit’ button. You will come across a screen named ‘more widgets’ under which, there will be an option named ‘Home app’. You need to tap this option and then, you need to select ‘green add’ icon. Now, you will be able to access media controls widget. You can now access your favorite media in a much easier way via this widget.

In case, you are facing issues in downloading or installing the app, then you will have to consult Google Chromecast help and support facility. They are the ones who could help you fix issues related to downloading and installing the app. This media controls widget is a cool feature to have, so you must definitely update the app to access this feature.

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