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When to and how to reset your Chromecast?


As we all are familiar with Chromecast, basically this is a small round shaped streaming device which let you cast your favourite entertainment. Good thing is that you will get this device at a reasonable price and those who are familiar with this streaming device, we no need to tell the smooth functionality and aspects of this device to those users. Now often we heard of reset, and we all know that resetting your device is mostly resolve your issues but why we perform reset, how many methods of reset, when to reset and how to reset? You will get the answers to these question by running your vision to below-given wordings.


When do you need to reset Chromecast (factory data reset)?

Most time the device update itself when linked to the internet and we no need to factory reset Chromecast (factory data reset). It seldom provides the issue.  But in this given two scenarios, you may need to reset Chromecast:chrome-1

  • You change your wireless router. This streaming device only remembers a solo network. If you changed router, you can either follow the procedure of setup if the previous network is out of range or simply perform the reset. You can also contact professionals for precise ChromeCast help.
  • Your streaming device hangs or freezes. You need to try to plug out the USB power cable, now plug it back and check whether your streaming device (Chromecast) is working or not. But if this doesn’t work or Chromecast hangs constantly, it is good idea to perform reset your streaming device (factory data reset) before calling Google assistance or returning the unit.

How to reset Chromecast (factory data reset)?

If you want to factory reset Chromecast, then the procedure is facile. There are two paths to factory reset your streaming device.

Method 1: Use the button on Chromecast to reset Chromecast

Chromecast Button

Hold down the button (next to the micro port of USB) on your streaming device for around 25 seconds or until the solid light starts flashing or blinking. Then you need to disconnect the USB power cable. Wait a few seconds. Link the USB cable again. And that’s it is. You can also take ChromeCast Support for more fine direction.

Chromecast holds only one button, so surely you won’t miss it.

Method 2:  Using Chromecast App in your devices to reset Chromecast

This procedure is only relevant when you still can link to your streaming device (Chromecast) from your device (e.g., an Android or tablet).


Sometimes, if Chromecast simply hangs and you can’t link to it from your device, then you have to use first method (mentioned above) to reset Chromecast.

To reset Chromecast, you need to begin the Chromecast App on your device, find and link to it. Once connected, make a tap on the menu button, now your eyes will catch the information on this Chromecast dongle, and a popup window.

You can make a tap on ‘Factory reset Chromecast’ so you can perform reset. (Occasionally, you can reboot the streaming device by tapping ‘Reboot Chromecast’).

After resetting process, all your previous network settings will be wiped out. You need a link to the wireless router again following the manual of Chromecast.

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