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Want to update your Chromecast OS effectively?

Chromecast is best media streaming device ever developed by Google. It is being in the market since 2013. From then, it is performing well in the market and always trying its best to satisfy the needs and demands of customers. Google keeping in mind the interest of users always keep on rolling out a new update for this device. The objective behind developing a new update for a device is to save customer’s hard earned money from spending on a new hardware that’s why they keep on launching the new OS for the existing devices so that customer can easily download and experience it. In case your update doesn’t get succeeded or the update fails in a mid-way due to some reason, there is nothing to worry. You can continue to update process after implementing simple steps which we are going to suggest you through this post.

First of all, you need to run a terminal command on the device.

Start your Chromecast media streaming player: To turn on the Chromecast, connect it to the power supply and to the internet connection. Make sure that your Chromecast is connected to the home wireless network. If any VPN is installed in your computer, then disable it for some time. Check the update for your Chromecast from the Chromecast support website. If available, start it forcibly.

Search the IP address for your Chromecast: This is another technique to force update your Chromecast OS version. For this, you need to inspect the IP address of your device. The process of locating the IP address is very simple. Open google home from your phone. Go to ‘Chromecast’ from the list of devices. If you don’t find the name on the top, scroll down to bottom. After opening the Chromecast device, you will find details related to Mac address, IP address, and current OS. If you find a problem in searching the IP address, you can contact Chromecast support.

From Windows: From Windows 8 or higher version, you can update your Chromecast using PowerShell box. If you are using the previous windows like 7, XP then you need to manually install PowerShell in it. Open the program and go to Chromecast. Copy the IP address and paste it in the current window. You can cross-check the IP address of your Chromecast from here. In case of any mismatch, contact Chromecast support team. They will assist you remotely.

Mac and Linux: In Mac and Linux based OS, the steps are bit different. You need to run the commands and paste the IP address in commands window. To check the IP address, you can take help of Google home page. Open the terminal and paste the code here. The code will look like curl-xpost-H “Content-type: application/json. Replace these commands with the Chromecast IP address. You will find that Chromecast automatically enters into update mode after this command. You can check the status of downloading an update from the screen. It will notify the time remaining for update process to be completed. Once it gets downloaded, you can install the update in your Chromecast.

If you find that your device is not working properly after getting updated, you can lodge your complaint in the complaint form or call at customer support number directly. You will get an instant solution from technical experts.


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