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Want To Make Your Speaker Smart? Better Use Google Cast Audio


Google has launched Cast Audio, which is a dongle that allows users to turn their usual speakers into smart speakers. The device is quite simple to operate, yet there are a few steps that users need to take care of. We are here to let users know how they can use Cast Audio and what they need to have in the requirements part.

Using Cast Audio:

Users can use Cast Audio with their PCs/laptops and smartphones. Below-mentioned are the steps that users need to follow to use Cast Audio.

For smartphones:

1. In order to use Cast Audio, users will have to install the Google Cast app on their smartphones, which will be used to control the Cast audio. This particular app is available for Mac OS, Android, Windows and iOS.

2. After that, users will have to connect the Cast Audio to a speaker, which they can do by using an aux cable. Users can also use optical input cables or RCA, but they have to be purchased separately.

3. The dongle needs to be connected to the power cable, which comes with the device.

4. Now, users need to open the app and follow the on-screen instructions. This will complete the installation process.

5. Once the installation process is finished, then users can open cast-supported app and get access to a wide range of apps like Hooq, Wynk, Netflix and more.

6. They can play a video or a song on the app by touching the cast icon on the smartphone’s screen.

For laptops:

1. The process of using Cast Audio with the laptop is a bit different, as users will require Chrome browser installed in their laptops.

2. The next step is to install Google Cast Extension on your web browser. Doing this will bring the cast icon on the top right corner, i.e., on the Chrome toolbar.

3. Users will also find various sites that show that ‘cast icon’ attached with the media on the main page. They can click on the icon in order to cast the audio to the dongle.

4. In case, users are unable to find the Cast icon, then they have to look on the toolbar icon. They are surely going to cast tab audio to the cast.