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Video Stream Buffering While Using Chromecast

Videostream streaming videos for Chromecast

Chromecast is a great device. It is one of the smallest devices ever used for streaming after Chromecast setup. This Chromecast has also received an update in hardware. Once it was thought to be just a streaming device, now Chromecast has its own app store where apps are going to touch the one million mark soon.

We know how Chromecast works at Chromecast com setup. Chromecast is just a small piece of hardware. To set it up, we connect its USB in SB port of TV and then connect HDMI in HDMI input. It has one solid LED indicator. If light is white and solid it means that it is connected. If it is amber and blinking, it means that it is processing, updating or finalising any settings during set up Chromecast.

Working of Chromecast:

Chromecast does not come with a remote.  The only peripheral it comes with is an extra Ethernet adapter if you want to use more stable cable internet rather than Wi-Fi in areas of high wireless activity. Though your smartphone can connect to Chromecast via Wi-Fi only as mentioned in google Chromecast setup. Chromecast will emit its own Wi-Fi beacon for the first time when you will connect to it, in case of a “guest mode usage” and in case when Ethernet is used.

Your smartphone or device must be android or iOS compliant and must be running latest versions of them to run Google Cast app as mentioned on www Chromecast setup. Google cast app, formerly was known as Chromecast companion by google. As now it works with majority of hardware and has its future plans set is renamed. It is also used with Chromecast audio too.

This app has all the control panel you need to have to use Chromecast and tutorial is available on Chromecast help. You can switch ON and OFF it, you can connect and disconnect streaming. You can also stream local content from your smart device using this app to Chromecast. If you are using a home server or any app like Plex, you can also route data using Google cast app to TV. If there is any app which is not google cast compliant but you want to use it, it can also mirror its content to Chromecast you can also download Chromecast .

Video Streaming

Issue of buffering and potential solutions:

Buffering issue might have several reasons. One of them is wireless activity disorder. If streaming At 1080p and 720p has issues but at 480p it’s a breeze, there might be wireless congestion. However there are many ways to cope up with this issue. Some of these are mentioned as under.

  1. Reboot Chromecast and everything else

Users have reported that many times their issue with video streaming has been resolved by rebooting everything. There were issues even with latest piece of hardware. Users had reported that they had piped their video from local data to Chromecast and had latest routers still they had buffering issues of their share. Rebooting everything is a great alternative.

  1. Try switching channels

Service provider’s uplink speed also affects buffering. Here is a simple test to see if there is a service provider’s issue or yours. Try to lower the quality to 480p. Even if  there is same amount of buffering as 1080p, there is an issue from service provider. Another way you can check this issue without going into technical is by switching channels.

  1. Try changing Router distance

Wireless devices are distance oriented. More the distance from service provider, lesser the strength of connection. If you are suffering a LAG, try to move the router closer to your Chromecast device. You can also go for buying a new router with higher strength if you want.

  1. Use wired Ethernet

As all of us have W-Fi and wireless dependent devices, there is already congestion in local wireless networks. These congestion in radio waves affect the traffic management. Try a new Ethernet port for Chromecast and you will surely get rid of streaming buffering issue.