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Using Chromecast Via 3G Or 4G Data Connection

Many Chromecast users want to know if they can use the device with 3G or 4G connection. Well, there isn’t much information available on the web as to whether Google Chromecast works on 3G/4G connection, but there has to be some way because the main thing that Chromecast needs is the internet. Let’s further delve into this topic and find out if Chromecast can work with 3G or 4G or not.

Chromecast is an ideal Google device to watch videos on TV, made to work via Wi-Fi or, in the case of Chromecast Ultra, even via Ethernet cable. However, it is common not to have broadband around, leaving the mobile data as the only means of connection. But how do you make Chromecast work without Wi-Fi?

Using the mobile internet on Chromecast can be treacherous because the initial setup requires the device and smartphone to connect directly for a short period of time. If the user is using their own mobile data, then there is a conflict in the middle of the procedure that prevents them from finalizing it properly.

Fortunately, there are at least three tricks that allow you to use 3G or 4G to watch Netflix on TV through Chromecast. See how.

Using Two Cell Phones

By making use of two phones, you need to use mobile data on Google Chromecast. One should be responsible for creating a wireless network over the phone’s router. Any modern cell phone is capable of doing this, including iPhone, Android or Windows 10 Mobile. Once you’ve done that, just make use of the second phone for setting up Chromecast and escape the conflict mentioned above.

Using a Data Modem

In order to take full benefits of the internet of a 3G/4G modem on Google Chromecast you need to make use of a PC. Moreover, the trick is to use a cellphone connection in order to create a wireless network that emulates conventional broadband. Google Chromecast is going to identify the network and then, it will be easy for you to configure and use it using a phone placed in proximity, which is also connected to the same wireless network or with the computer.

The main motive is to turn a notebook into a router on a temporary basis. Both macOS and Windows 10 are equipped with native tools, which are capable of making an internet access point. It is enough, in this specific case, to be careful to select the data modem as the source of the signal to be distributed over the air.

Using a cell phone

Without a computer or a second smartphone, you can still connect your Google Chromecast to the web. But, this is one of those options that is more ingenious. You must use Google Chromecast, which you have set up previously on the familiar Wi-Fi network. You will have to make an access point (router) using that network name and password on your smartphone by making use of the same parameters as those mentioned above.

Chromecast is going to automatically connect to Wi-Fi made by your smartphone. And since you will not need to set up your Google device from scratch, your smartphone internet will not conflict in the middle of the procedure.

If you are still not able to use Chromecast on 3G or 4G connection, then you can take help of Google Chromecast help and support providers.


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