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Tips and tricks for Google Chromecast’s users

Tips and tricks for Google Chromecast’s users

If you want to stream your favorite content? Then go for Google’s Chromecast, an easiest and ideal way to wirelessly stream your favorite content. You just need to Download Chromecast and then you can easily stream the entertainment from tablet, phone or computer onto your television. We all are familiar with the ideal functionality of this streaming device, now here we have some tips and tricks for you. If you’re new to this device, then to get set up direction you can navigate to Www ChromeCast setup or get in touch with professionals.

Tips and tricks for Google Chromecast’s users


1. Images as wallpapers

If you’re not using Chromecast, at that time it turns your TV into an immense digital frame. Now, what can you do, simply download the Google Cast application your devices such as iOS or Android, now open the Device tab and you need select Edit Backdrop. Now you can enable Google photos, Facebook and Flickr. You can even disable then, in case you don’t want.

2. News headline

Well, in the Edit Backdrops screen, you have the option to get news headline, either you can go with Curated News, which is hand-picked by Google or you can choose your own news through Play Newsstand. In the Play Newsstand application, you can edit which sites you want to follow there. For more you can get the Chromecast Free Download app at Play Store, to stream your favorite shows and to enjoy more features.

3. Browse Chromecast-suitable apps

If you want to find the apps those support Chromecast, then simply open the Google Cast app on your device and select the Get apps tab.

Tips and tricks for Google Chromecast’s users

4. Mirror Android devices

Being an Android user, then you can mirror your device display to any Television. You just need to pull down the notification shade and make a tap on Cast. The entire screen will be streamed to the television after selecting your desirable Chromecast. Now this will make you upset that frame-rate is quite low and audio gets out of sync very easily plus local videos will face difficulty in streaming.

5. Mirror your desktop

Keep in mind, this won’t play the audio from your computer via TV. Audio will still come out of your computer’s speakers. Same thing you can do with your desktop as well, you just need to install Chrome. First, you need to open Chrome and click the action overflow button at the right corner’s top. Make a click on Cast and download arrow. Now you need to select Cast Desktop, and then click Cast to start mirroring after choosing you desirable Chromecast.

6. Power it using your TV…maybe

You can power your Chromecast through USB, simply insert the cable into the television USB port. Often this USB port will be enough for powering your Chromecast.

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. Get an Ethernet adapter
  3. Guest Mode
  4. Play/Pause control with a television remote
  5. Factory Reset or reboot
  6. Cast on the go
  7. Games

If you finding any technical issue or mess, then you’re free to take help from Chromecast experts, you can also ask for ChromeCast Support and assistance. For more useful information and appropriate guidelines you can simply trek ahead to Www ChromeCast com.