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StreamUnlimited Selected For Google Cast Multi-Room Certification

Google Cast Multi-Room Certification

Multi-room connected devices follow a set of protocols and modules.  These modules are designed, developed and provided to manufacturers like SONOS and Google cast by StreamUnlimited. StreamUnlimited has also been selected as a partner with Google Cast to make modules for its connected Cast devices. Multi room certification will be made easier by using StreamUnlimited modules.

StreamUnlimited has a lot of on hand experience in field of multi room and connected technology. It has been always ahead of Pioneer’s blackfire multiroom technology. It already is working closely with Google cast. It is manufacturing SoC supporting software for vendors and module makers.

Google Cast, as everyone knows has proven to be pioneer in field of casting entertainment, weather it is audio or visual, to their bigger screens or custom speakers. Google cast has made this very easy and user friendly with the help of Chromecast setup. It makes use of hardware and software resources to do so. Many platform apps have gotten aboard google cast app environment such as Napster, Google play music, Spotify, Pandora and 7Digital.

These service provider allow users to stream music at levels like FLAC lossless audio without any hiccups. Frits Wittgrefe, CEO for StreamUnlimited claimed how they have been working in coordination with Google cast crew over a year for preparation of this activity related to certification. StreamUnlimited aims at being a result oriented and customer friendly certification enterprise. You can also download chromecast in order to make your device alive.

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