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Set up the Background of Your Chromecast


Google Chromecast lets you stream your favourite content anywhere anytime and its getting popular both in offices and homes. Your Google Chromecast Setup comes loaded with many features just to make your streaming experience better. Now we will talk about one of very interesting feature of Google Chromecast which is available to users in aspect of background images.

Your Chromecast comes with very few options turned on, but you can add things that can give you a customized experience. You can access these additions from Home app by clicking the devices button at the top right hand side. From there select the connected Chromecast that you want to adjust, click on 3 dot menus and after that Backdrop Settings. Here is the list of items from which you can do changes in your Google Chrome Cast Setup:

  • Google Photos Albumsgoogle-photos-phone
  • Facebook Albums
  • Flickr Albums
  • Play Newsstand
  • Weather
  • Art
  • Satellite Images
  • Featured Photos

Custom Albums

You can link Facebook, Flickr and Google will be linked automatically to your account for setting up Chromecast and then you can select multiple albums for displaying as your Chromecast backdrop. Creating an album specially for this is recommended and name is given to it so that you can easily find the album from Home app.

News Feed

This options make great sense in office environments specially. For this basically you need to go Google News stand Web app and set up the feed and link it your Chromecast and that feeds will be shown mixed in with other content that you have linked with Chromecast.

Random Photos

Setting Chromecast backdrop on your tv

There might be some photos you don’t want to share or set as Chromecast backdrop or sometimes you don’t want news feed as background image, then you can do this.

First option is Art category and it is art from museums and galleries across the world. You will get few settings that will let you select between Street Art, google open gallery, and Google cultural Institute.

Second option is to have satellite images from google maps and NASA. You can choose either both or either of them.

The third option is features photos. This option gives you access to pull the photos from Google Plus, Getty Images, and 500px.


One option for your screen background is to have a weather widget. You can include time here as well as both will make a great screen background and it looks like a worthy feature.

Lots of Choices

So, you see you get a lot choice to set as your Chromecast background. Now there is no need to leave the backdrop of your Chromecast boring and stale. From art to weather to personal pics you have a lot of options that you can set as background image.