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Preview Program Of Chromecast download Updates Started By The Google For Its Users

Preview Program Of Chromecast download

The IT Giant Company, Google has unveiled this news in the press conference that the preview program allows the user to access the updates in the form of testing and demo version. It is also mentioned by them that this preview of update is not a ‘Beta’ version. You will get the same quality and features in the original production that you will see in the preview program. The all you need to have is Chromecast com setup in your smart phone. The app act as a main interface between the mobile, Chromecast and TV. Google keeps on updating the firmware of each devices. It reduces the bug problem and fixes some issues that are present in the older versions.

Preview Program Of Chromecast download

The preview program is applicable on all the Chromecast device versions irrespective of generations. You can preview the update even from chromecast1 and Chromecast 2. It will give you an opportunity to test and run the latest firmware version before its actual release. You can see that whether it is useful and advanced than the previous one or not. Accordingly you can download later. Download Chromecast app and go through this preview feature.

One thing more that is important to tell you that in case you want to connect your laptop with the Home screen via Chromecast then you will have to get extension for casting the contents directly. The Chromecast extension download from the internet will integrate in the browser. Next time when you will open the browser the cast automatically started with the press of ok button. This extension is placed under Add-ons menu, if you are not able to find it then click on the 3 horizontal line placed on the right top corner. You will find this option there. The preview program is also applicable to Chromecast audio devices also.

Steps to get the preview program.

Preview Program Of Chromecast download

  1. Go to the cast app from your android or iOS based device. If you have not downloaded this app. Then get it downloaded from the app store as this app is must for operation. Simply enter Google Chromecast Download in the store search icon.
  2. Click on the devices.
  3. Select the device card for prescribed Chromecast.
  4. Tap on the three dots that are at Top right corner.
  5. Go to ‘device settings’ and place the mouse cursor on the preview program.

If you are not able to preview the program then there are chances that the company may not accept the new member at a time. You can try viewing later as new member again after some time. Just get www google com chromecast setup re-installed if you are not able to get out of this problem.


The objective behind this preview program by the company was to take feedback from the users about the coming update before its proper launch. If there is need of any changes than it can be easily done at preview stage. This saves the company cost and ensures the user friendly update. During the preview stage, the users can easily come out of this program just after joining it. There is no time constraint and other bar in it.

Just get Chromecast free download in your smart phone and keep on checking the update program regularly. Google tested one feature for more than 6 months then announced that google cast now comes inbuilt in new chrome.