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Possible Launch Of Chromecast 2 By Google On April 20th

Chromecast 2

Google is hosting a press event in New Delhi on April 20. It is hinted that Cast 2 might launch on that date in India. India was already hinted by its sources that Google Cast 2 will be launched in India in some days. Google event invitations also hint the same.

The invitations say “A session of demos, fun and conversations, but most importantly we have an exciting announcement to make”. Certainly, Google cast which was introduced in October along with Nexus 5X and 6P is being sold in India successfully.

Google also had mistakenly updated the sales page of Cast by adding India into it. Then Google abruptly pulled it back after many read it already. Certainly the launch is around the corner but is under the covers.

Google cast 2 has its updates over Cast1. This device has bumped up internal specs. It also has a radial design for ease of access over previous version. Google cast is marketed and manufactured as a device which can convert any of your simple TV into a smart TV with low effort and minimal cost.

Google cast audio however is aimed towards dumb speakers and give them functionality to stream audio OTA. Google cast audio is different from Bluetooth audio streaming as quality is not compressed and battery of sources device is drastically saved.

Users can also beam the content from apps like Netflix and YouTube to their TV in which Google cast is connected. Smart Cache feature pre-caches the videos which Cast thinks you will see. Users can also stream content from their PC or Laptop using cast on chrome browser.

It also supports 5GHZ wireless LAN and has three antennas for faster connection. Google cast2 and Google cast audio cost $35 in USA or nearly 2300INR. Google cast 1 is already being sold at hiked up price of 2440INR in India. Surely Cast2 will be sold around INR3000 on Online portals.