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Onkyo Adding More AVRs With Google Cast, Tidal, Wireless Multiroom


Buy three superb models from RZ series at a price range of $799 to $1,299

Onkyo, one of the most popular brands is in the process of bringing Tidal Streaming, Google Cast and Multiroom-audio to 3 RZ series A/V receivers at a price of $799 to $1,299. These three AVRs are already available, and they will join 3 NR series AVRs that were announced a few weeks ago. Those are priced at $499 to $799.

Users can expect more features, especially in terms of installation. These include IR connectivity and RS-232 connectivity, detachable power cables, PC setup, 12 volt triggers and rack kits. The products come with 3 year warranty period, which is also great. If sources are to believe, then Onkyo may launch three more products in their RZ series AVRs, which will have 9.2 to 11.1 channels, including an 11.2 channel preamp processor.

What about updating the firmware:

Currently, the RZ series AVRs have Dolby Atmos surround sound, but soon, it will be updated to DTS: X Surround. Then, these products can support 5.1.2 speaker configurations only. If users want to connect them to higher speaker configuration, then they have to use an amplifier.

There will be some firmware updates during the same period, which will then allow the devices to be connected with FireConnect wireless multi-room audio technology, Tidal Streaming and Google Cast.

These networked models also include high resolution audio decoding, DLNA, Apple AirPlay, HDCP 2.2 copy protection, high-dynamic range 18 MBPS I/O, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Wireless multi-room:

If AVR wants to become a part of the multi-room audio system, then it has to incorporate FireConnect technology. Multi-room audio system includes Wi-Fi speakers that the company is supposed to launch later this year. The company also has a mobile application, which will direct the audio from the PCs that are in the network to the AVRs. This particular technology will also allow users to stream AVR connected sources in their homes and offices including a turntable, streaming services or Bluetooth source.

We have also got to know that Blackfire developed wireless MR technology with the assistance fro the sister concern brand Pioneer. They got wireless speakers from a reputed brand named Harman Kardon. Both, Pioneer and Onkyo will interoperate, but not with other manufacturer’s products.

What’s the products lineup?

Like we have mentioned above that the RZ series begins with $799. The power ratings of the product are 7×100 watts at 20HZ to 20,000 HZ into eight Ohms. The products come with AccuReflex technology. The role of this technology is to adjust the phase of the sound that bounces off the roof by up-firing height speakers. The amount of clarity a person receives can’t be compared with any other surround system.

The AVR also consists of 8 HDMI I/Ps and 2 HDMI O/Ps. The high-end models consists of a premium high-current amplifier circuitry, which are capable of delivering 130 W/Channel. The HDMI inputs and outputs remain the same.

There is another sister brand of Onkyo USA by the name of Integra that is known for a wide selection of custom-install capabilities. To know more about those brand, it is important to go online and check it yourself.