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Now get Chromecast and Video on-demand in Thailand by AIS

AIS- chromecast

Advanced Info Service of Bangkok has announced a move that could be the game changer for the mobile services and digital content service provider in Thailand. The sources have said that AIS recently finalized a deal that will make them the authorized dealer for Google Chrome Cast Setupa digital streaming dongle.

True vision, the major competitor of AIS, recently dropped HBO from their line-up of channels and announced that more networks will be added to the chopping block this year. But AIS has picked the ball and has added HBO to their video on-demand service, which you can stream through Chromecast Set Up via computer, Android or iOS device.

Now you can enjoy Chromecast service in Thailand very easily and stream the content of your choice with the help of a network connection on the big screen like TV. You can also enjoy the various channels or services available on Chromecast like on-demand videos, live streaming, paid channels and a lot freer channel stuff. You can also enjoy many sports channels on your Chromecast. In, short there is something for everyone on Google Chromecast Setup and that make you stick to your TV sets. Google Chromecast will be available in Thailand with the full support to all the services. You will get to see and enjoy almost all the services on Chromecast that you enjoy in US or UK. The detail of each channel or service available is at www Chromecast Setup. The setup process of the Chromecast will also be same. You need to plug it into the HDMI port of your TV along with a network connection and your smartphone or tablet will be the controller of your TV instead of a remote control. The channels like Sling TV, Fubo TV, HBO NOW, Direct TV Now, Netflix, HULU, YouTube and much more will available for streaming on Chromecast and you will be able to enjoy the content of regional channels as well.

Many other networks are also coming on AIS along with Google Chromecast. These networks include Star World, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo People, Fox Movie, Cinemax, National geographic and much more.

Presently, Chromecast 2 is available from AIS in Thailand for 1490baht i.e. $42.50USD, but official date for video on demand service has yet to be announced.