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Now Get Cheaper 4K Vizio TV Blended With Built-In Google Cast

4K Vizio TV 2

New technology for early adopters comes at premium prices. However they do not remain premium for long. These services keep on going towards lowering prices with time.

Vizio had launched its P series of TVs with inbuilt Google Cast. They costed a fortune for early adopters as it was a next gen device. However its new N series has been launched and it has a much lower price point.

M series 4K TVs start at $849.99 for a 50 inch display and they range up to $3,000 for an 80 inch display. Not only display is variant but also features of each of these devices. They come with a 6inch android remote control capable of smart cast. It means that we can directly cast content from our local drives to the screen.

4K Vizio TV1

However Vizio said it is not a TV but a screen as it does not have an inbuilt TV tuner in it. They support Dolby digital and HDR.

E series is cheaper. It starts from $469.99 for a 43 inch screen and a 70 incher costs nearly $1700. It is also a 4K panel. Vizio also has a range of non 4K devices to be sold. They also support smartcast. They start at $229.99 for a 32 inch panel and for a 43 inch panel it costs $369.99.

However, there are a few sacrifices in E series more than a 4K panel. It does not come with a 6 inch android remote. Users have to download smart cast app to their smart phones. It also does not support HDR functionality. Surely, it has all the basic features and is clearly a bang for the buck you are spending on it.

4K Vizio TV 2