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Music Flow Speaker of LG Coming with Chromecast Multiroom Integration


LG released its music flow speakers in 2015 to compete with Sonos and many other companies in the field of electronic gadgets. But with some sync issues and lack of certain features didn’t let stand in the competition. But to again stand in the market LG is coming up not only Google Chromecast Com setup but also it is coming with Google Home integration, in its Music Flow Line speakers.

According to LG the company has prepared Google Multiroom functionality with the help of Chromecast Setup. During preparing for this the company has also talked Google team about the linking with Google Home device functionality. Now the company has decided to prepare two different functionalities Link with Google Home device and Google Multiroom at the same time.

Speaker of LG Coming with Chromecast Multiroom Integration

Google Home is new functionality but Chromecast wireless multiroom audio has been possible from the launch of Chromecast audio. Why LG has come up with this functionality earlier is not clear yet. There is a possibility that due to the issues that it has encountered, so that want to focus on one multiroom technology.

When you will have the multiroom setup available in more than one speaker is a very good thing. But the addition of Google Home is more interesting features in both additions. Once the feature will come, it will enable the voice control of volume, playback, and other features. Then you will be able to play music from any of your room in the house and with just by saying a few words.

Speaker of LG Coming with Chromecast Multiroom Integration

There is no exact time when these new features will come in the speakers of LG. But an employee of LG said that a software update that will bring both the functionalities i.e. Google Home and Chromecast audio is expected to release February’s end. If you own Music Flow Speakers, then it is a good news for you that your speakers will now be loaded with a new functionality. Chromecast Help can also be taken if you want to know more about this functionality.

LG is adding this functionality now because the company is lacking in competition and many other companies like Sony, Vizio, and B&O have already added to some of their speakers. So, it would make sense if LG should now do this as well if it wants to attract its viewers.

LG and Google collaboration will bring what a new thing, for knowing this we must wait till the end of February.