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List of accessibility features of Chromecast for Android device


As we all know Chromecast allows you to stream the content from your mobile phone, tablets, and laptops directly to your TV. But many of us might not be aware of its accessibility features thus today we will discuss few of its to use and understand them.

Most of the users can access their TV through their cell phones, but many are left unaware of its accessibility features thus today we are here to relate and discuss few of these accessibility features to make you get best out of your Chromecast devices. Using Chromecast with Android devices provides you a more flexible use. For using it just connect your Chrome cast device to the HDMI port on your TV. Go through the following passage to learn about its Accessibility features.

Few frequently used features on Chromecast Devices:

  • You can quickly browse anything that you want, and you can stream it on your TV.
  • Users can play, pause, these features with the app.
  • Customize your TV with different viewing
  • You can search any content by the movie, actor.
  • You can sync your speaker and Google Home together in every room. So, you can enjoy music in every
  • You can also sync Google Home with the smart lights Chromecast device and more.

Chrome Cast device has privacy features:

  • With the device settings, you can manage the Google’s collection of crash reports and data which is used.
  • You can change the settings through the settings options within your mobile. One can also replace the Chromecast audio setting and much more.
  • If you have an android device, you can alter the settings with the settings of Chromecast in setting

You can perform FDR (factory data reset):

You can use one method from these two options which are listed below:

The first option is:

  1. If the Chromecast device is connected to your TV, then long press the button for 25secs which is on Chromecast until the LED light starts to flash and then TV will go blank screen and will start to reboot.

The second option is:

  1. Go to the Google Home App.
  2. You will see an option Device at the top right corner of the screen on the Chromecast devices.
  3. Tap the card menu and go to the settings.
  4. There will another option also be available, click on the More options
  5. Click on the Factory Reset or Reset.
  6. Then it will show a popup; it will ask you to confirm or cancel, then if you want to commit it, you must click on Reset. If in case you face any problem while resetting your Chromecast, then feel free to get Chromecast help.

Special accessibility features for Android devices:

The following features make easy to use Chromecast device with the android phones and tablets.

  • First is talk back feature which is already installed on Android phones and tablets. It uses the spoken feature in doing the function like the open app, go to the notification, etc.
  • Second is, Tap and Hold delay; it allows you to range the hold delay option from short, medium and long touch.
  • The third is, Large Text, through with this feature you can enlarge your text if you are facing problem in seeing the words which are on the device, so you can use this feature.

So, these were few accessibility features you must use to the best from your Chromecast for more help related to Chromecast setup always visit www Chromecast com setup. It is proven to provide the best support steps for setting up your Chromecast.

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