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Know The Things That You Are Still Unware About In Your Google Chromecast

Know The Things That You Are Still Unware About In Your Google Chromecast
Know The Things That You Are Still Unware About In Your Google Chromecast

Google is a platform that provides you facility like email accessing, online storage and digital media. The Giant Company has developed a streaming device called Chromecast for your TV. It can cast the contents of internet to the TV. Chromecast download in the peripheral device allows you to access the contents from the internet. This device remained on the top of selling list at amazon website. You can buy this gadget from Walmart as well as from google directly. Now we are going to discuss about the hidden features of it.

  • Ethernet Adapter: Ethernet adapter option is also available for Chromecast users if you don’t have high speed Wi-Fi internet at home. The high quality videos need a strong Wi-Fi connection for playing so if you are having problem connecting to Wi-Fi then you can connect your Chromecast with Ethernet adapter. Download Chromecast link from the internet and install the drivers from there.
  • Offers: Google always bring latest offers for Chromecast users which they can redeem from the website so you keep in touch with latest offers and perks.
  • Presentations: If you have any presentation for viewing on big screen then you can open the presentation simply with the help of Chromecast device. You can view presentations stored in your computer without the need of Chromecast extension download.


  • Gaming: This is another a wonderful feature for Chromecast users. If you are not having Sony PS2 at home then also you can enjoy funny games by downloading them from the play store or apple store for iPhone users. You must have Chromecast app  in your mobile first.
  • Picture screensaver: You can set your favorite picture as a Chromecast background image. You can select image from the google picture, Facebook, phone gallery and from flickers. The menu is available on the top right corner of Chromecast app. You just go to the settings and select the backdrop settings menu.
  • Photos: you can cast any photo from mobile or from computer to the big screen with the help of Chromecast. You just need to open the picture on the smart device, it will automatically cast to the TV.
  • TV as a music system: download google play music app in your mobile and click on the cast button. When you play any song on your mobile, it will automatically play on the TV speakers. You can enjoy this feature for just $10 a month. You can enhance or boost the sound experience further by connecting the external speakers through Wi-Fi with Chromecast audio if your TV speakers are not that efficient.  Setup Google Chromecast and enjoy the seamless music.


  • Spotify and Pandora: These apps are now available with Chromecast. You connect the device as well as Chromecast on the same Wi-Fi network and connect the device with it. You play the music on device it will directly cast on the TV screen. Spotify is a great platform for the music lovers.
  • Quite feature: If you want to listen the audio of any movie privately on the headphones and don’t want to disturb your roomies then you can do so with the Chromecast. Simply play the movie and choose the ‘route audio to mobile’ from now playing option. Download Google Chromecast setup if you are casting the contents from the computer.


  • Guest mode: whether you have home guests or you have gone somewhere on vacations and don’t want to give access to your Wi-Fi network then you can do so by enabling guest mode in your Chromecast device. You must have www google com Chromecast setup in your device. The maximum distance between the device and Chromecast must not exceed 25 feet.