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Is your Chromecast Audio devices going out of sync?


One of the ideal aspects of the Chromecast Audio is being able to put more than one units together into an audio group so they all play the similar things at the same time no matter where they are in your home. This is also something that can be dramatically touched by latency, so you require a facile path to get everything in sync. Those who are new Chromecast can get the procedure of Chrome Cast Setup by getting in touch with professionals.

We’ve seen it ourselves and so have plenty of others. This is because a lot of things can introduce latency — when a signal takes extensive than expected to go from point 1 to point 2 — in a Chromecast setup. Not everything links to the internet at exactly the similar velocities, the location in your home can mean slower network data and every speaker and the wires that link it holds their own built-in latency. And it doesn’t take much of it to make things sound off. Fortunately, there’s a facile and entirely non-technical path to resolve it in your Chromecast Audio group.


  • Open the Google Home app and find the affected unit in the Chromecast Devices.
  • You need to make a tap on the Settings icon (three dots) in the upper right corner.
  • Now tab the Group delay correction in the Advanced section.
  • Adjusts the slider unless you don’t feel that things sound ‘right’ to you

It sounds too simpler to be true, but this works brilliantly. Sometimes, doing things ‘by ear’ is the ideal path and this is one of those times. Numbers and widgets and meters can be enjoyable, but eventually, all we want is for it to sound good to our ears. If haven’t got the above-given steps then you can also take professionals and expert’s help.


It’s necessary to not adjust things until you know you have an issue and to make sure you’re adjusting the correct thing. Momentary internet and network lag happen, and while there is a buffer to avert it from causing a problem it can still happen. And adjusting the internal timing of a Chromecast Audio is not going to able to resolve network or linking issues. Well, if you’re new to this popular streaming device then no need to wander here and there simply go to Chromecast Com Setup, so you can easily grab the setup procedure.