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Is it worth to upgrade from Google Chromecast to Chromecast Ultra?

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Since its launch Chromecast has been the most popular streaming device and Google continuously did efforts to make it better day by day. Now Google has come up with new Chromecast Ultra which can handle ultra-high resolution video as it supports 4K content.

Google has come up with its new version Chromecast Ultra with some new exciting features such as 4K streaming, an ethernet port and HRD(High-dynamic-range) video support. Chromecast is the digital media player which when gets connected to your TV allows you to stream and cast content from your Android device or Google chrome to your TV after successful Chromecast Set Up. For instance, you can cast YouTube videos, Netflix shows, and movies.

However, the most enticing feature of the new Chromecast is that it supports 4K content which was not present in the previous version of Chromecast. Google has raised the price of the new Chromecast by two times i.e $ 69 which is twice as the amount of Chromecast. The main selling point of the new Chromecast is its ability to support 4K content.

Now let’s see the major difference between the two devices. As the look is concerned they look pretty much same and the major difference lies in the logo. The new Chromecast has a simplistic logo “G” whereas the previous Chromecast used to have chrome logo so, no major difference lies in terms of appearance.

When it comes to connectivity then Chromecast Ultra provides ethernet port connectivity which allows faster speed and prevents buffering. However, Wi-Fi router will do the necessary task but Chromecast Ultra boosts 4K video streaming which is quite heavier than Full HD streaming so it will require a fast connection. If you have a fast internet connection you won’t face any hindrance in streaming videos through ethernet port and if you are still having some problem then Chromecast help can help you in resolving the problem.

Moreover, Google claims that Chromecast Ultra is 1.8 times faster than previous chromecast generation as Google has packed it with faster CPU which is capable of supporting 4K playbacks. The processor details with which Chromecast Ultra is loaded with is not available as for now but it’s more powerful than its predecessors.

Is it worth upgrading ?

If you are looking to buy a new digital media player and you also own 4K TV then this device is worth buying but if your don’t have 4K TV and already have the previous version of Chromecast then it is not much of your use. Also, it comes at $69 which makes twice expensive as Chromecast2 so if you want to save some money then you can opt for Roku Express which comes at the same price as chromecast2. You will need Chromecast support to know about this new Chromecast Ultra.

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