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How to Watch any Tv Show or Movie & Stream it with Chromecast?


The list of streaming services is increasing day by day from HBO GO to Hulu to Netflix, these subscription-based services have never been so popular and have never been easier to watch now as they have Chromecast support now.

As great as these services are, there are a few drawbacks also. While we can get around it with rooted devices, many of these services are region locked for their content as something that is available in the US may not be available in the other parts of the world. Then there are networks that refuse to get with the times and make their content available to streaming services. When we all want to watch, and stream the movie or TV show, then these restrictions are actually painful. Today we will show you how you can stream the content directly to you chromecast.

Show Box Is a free TV show and movie streamer that has been specially designed for Android. It is a light weighted and constantly updated with the latest releases, even posting new TV show episodes the day after they air. The best thing is that the app runs on stock devices, no root needed and all you need is to enable unknown sources on your device.

Install Show Box

The Show Box app can be downloaded directly to your phone. You just need to head on over to the developer’s website on your One’s internet browser. After completing the downloading, you can install the app like you would install any other.

Browse your favorite shows and Movies

When you first open the app, you will see categories right at the top foe Movies and Shows, My library, and Updates. The section of Movies and Shows line up to their name and offer an enormous selection of content for streaming. There are also options for search and filter that help you in finding what you are looking for if you are feeling indecisive. The section of Updates will be refreshed every time you open the app and holds all the newest content that has been releases until that point.

Add your Personal Library

For setting up the section of My Library, click on any movie or show, then hit Add to library button up top. Once added, the content will in the tab of My library, so you will never need to scroll or search for it again.

Watch your Content

When you are ready to watch, just click on the item, select the quality, and click either on download or on Watch Now. If you will uncheck the option of Use Internal Player, then you can select your own video player for watching the content.

Stream to your Chromecast

The thing that makes the Show cast a great app is that if you have the apps like Local Cast, all cast, or Avia, you can use them to make them the ultimate solution for home streaming. Just uncheck the option of Use Internal Player and select the streamer which Is Chromecast capable. But the app is not without any fault of its own. You will not get the summary of the content that you are going to watch and sometimes the links will also be dead. Besides all this the Show Box is the solid free alternate to other streaming services.