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How To Troubleshoot Chromecast If It Stopped Unwittingly?

Chromecast nowadays has become a crucial part of one’s life. It is an entertainment device that streams video and audio on your TV when you connect this to TV HDMI port. You can enjoy seamless videos on it without any trouble. However, if you get stuck once in a blue moon, then it can be really irritating for you. 

If your Chromecast stopped working without your knowledge, then there is a need to take some action immediately. At this moment, you can either follow the steps to fix it or call at Chromecast support number. It depends on you how you want to rectify it.

Today, we are going to suggest some steps for fixing the aforementioned issue. You must go through the steps properly and carefully. In case, you find any problem, you can call at Chromecast helpline number.

  1. Check input supply: If your device keeps on restarting again and again, then there is the possibility of a problem in input supply. Almost half of the Chromecast users use a USB cable to provide power supply to it. Actually, this is not the right way of providing power supply. You must connect the power cable to it and connect the other end of cable to adapter included in the Chromecast box.

So, the very first step to rectify the restarting problem of Chromecast is; connect your Chromecast to the power adapter via power cable coming with packing itself. If you still find a problem with the cable, then replace it immediately. You can purchase a new cable from a retail store or from online Google store.

  1. Factory reset: one more solution to this problem is Factory resetting of the device. Frequent restarting of Chromecast also occurs if there is some issue with the installed OS version. If Chromecast app is installed in your smartphone, then you can perform a factory reset from there. If no app is installed in your phone, then reset it manually.

After performing this function, if you find your Chromecast freezes or keeps on restarting, then check the firmware version of it and perform an update if available. Any corrupted files stored in current OS version may create a problem.

Hard and soft reset functions can also be performed for this problem. To perform this function, Press the reset button for at least 20 seconds until you find green light blinking. For more help related to resetting, you can refer guided manually coming with the packing.

If you are still unlucky, then we advise you to replace your Chromecast. The problem is definitely in the Chromecast unit. If your product is under warranty, then you can replace it for free. If not, then you can go to reseller store and sell your product for some bucks. If there is a manufacturing defect in your device, then it needs to be replaced. This is the only option available under this condition. To locate a nearby store, you can call Chromecast support. For your information, we want to mention here that the warranty period of normal Chromecast is 90 days.

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