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How to solve software update issues with Chromecast?

It usually takes around 10 minutes for downloading the updates to Chromecast. But sometimes it might take much longer time to complete the updates and thus block you from casting the content. So just go through the following help procedure to overcome this delay.

Users need to keep their Chromecast up to date with the latest version of the software so that they could get the best out of all the existing and upcoming features of Chromecast. Chromecast is designed to perform the all the updates automatically. Due to which users need not worry about checking for updates as the device will itself update it within 10 minutes. But the problem arises when the Chromecast is unable to complete the updates within the expected period. It becomes annoying because the users can not cast the shows while the update is going on. So to avoid this inconvenience here, we have few Chromecast help steps. You just need to follow them whenever you face the slow downloading issue.

First of all, go through the following prerequisite checks:

  1. Make sure your television is powered “On.”
  2. Check if the Chromecast is properly connecting to the HDMI input cable of the TV.
  3. Ensure the Chromecast is plugged into the power outlet and is receiving an adequate power supply.

Now, look at your television screen to see the status of update and go through the particular help procedure mentioned for it.

  1. If you see a blue screen along with the percentage sign in front of it, then look at the amount of percent to check how more is left to complete the updates. If you find it more than 50%, then wait for the system to complete the updates. After the updates are completed, you will find a “Ready to Cast” message on the TV screen. If you find that percentage for updates is not increasing, then there might be an issue with your internet network. So check if you are receiving a good internet speed. If you find the pace is slow, then try to restart your modem or router and then try updating the Chromecast.
  2. If you find a downloading message “Downloading/Fetching update” for a longer period or you are stuck on that message screen, then you should leave it like that for 20-30 minutes. It might complete the update within half an hour. The reason behind this delay during updates may be due to slow internet connection. So try to boost the speed of your internet by resetting the modem or router by plugging out the power cord and then putting back into its place after 20-30 seconds. If you find any issue while going through the Chromecast troubleshooting, then feel free to get Chromecast support.
  3. If you observe that Download percentage is stuck at a certain percent for a long time, then it means that your router is not performing well due to which the device is not receiving adequate speed to complete the updates. It may be either the problem with the router’s configuration settings or the problem with the hardware of router. One should try using one of the following routers for their Chromecast.
  • TP-Link Archer C7 v1/v2
  • Netgear R6100/6200/6300
  • Asus RT_AC66U, RT_AC68
  • Buffalo WZR_D1800H

If your router belongs to one of the above-listed routers, but still, you are facing the delay, you should try to Factory Data Reset the Chromecast device and again set up on a 2.4 GHz wireless network. It might solve the issue. For more future concerns related to Chromecast always step to www Chromecast Com Setup to find the best help procedures.