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How To Properly Install And Use Google Chromecast?

How To Properly Install And Use Google Chromecast?

If you ordered a Chromecast, you are one of the fortunate customer, google is offering you short set up methods which is easy to understand in this blog we will provide you quick set up steps which will definitely guide you.

 How to install and setup a Chromecast

  • Connect your Chromecast with TV: With this point it is easy to understand how to connect a Chromecast into your TV. For proper functioning connect the Chromecast into HDMI port and its other end into USB port in case if your TV does not have USB port you can connect it into the wall socket with the power adapter. Switch on the TV and find the correct input from given list. If you have encountered any problem during connection then you can take Chromecast help from support center online.
  • Connect your personal computer with home Wi-Fi network: You must be having Wi-Fi connection at home with unique name. Ensure that your PC and your streaming device is connected on similar network so as to complete your Chromecast setup. Restart your computer for connecting on the wireless network in order to stream the contents from Smart device.
  • Visit the official website of Chromecast: After completing the previous steps, your TV will prompt you to visit Chromecast com setup. From there follow the instructions, like on which device you want to install the setup and with which device you want to connect it to. This website is very user friendly, you can easily understand the step by step instructions written over there with additional pictographic demonstrations.
  • Download Chromecast app: once you enter into the website, you will be instructed to download the Chromecast app from the link. After downloading it, double click on chromecast.exe file icon for installing it. Thereafter the app will run automatically post verification.

Google Chromecast on your Tv

  • Begin Chromecast on your computer: The Chromecast app will start by itself. If not, then click on the shortcut from the desktop of your computer/laptop. You may find this app in other location too where it has installed.
  • Figure out the code: At this point of time you will get a randomized code on your TV and computer. Keep in mind that code must match with each other device. Same code is to be selected on both the devices. After verifying it click on that’s my code option. If you find any problem in getting your Chromecast code then you can take Google Chromecast setup support from Google’s official website.
  • Sign onto credential details: In credential cockpit, enter the name of Wi-Fi network as well as its password for connecting to internet. You can also specify or change the name of your google Chromecast device here. The password should be strong and protected. If you want some help regarding this issue then you can take Chromecast support by clicking on help icon seen at the bottom left corner of credential cockpit.
  • Fetch the Google cast extension: Google cast extension is for broadcasting the browsing content of your PC to TV through Chromecast. For this you need chrome browser with integrated cast extension. You can download this extension from Chromecast Extension Download. Recently updated google chrome browser has inbuilt cast option. You will able to mirror your computer screen with TV screen.How To Properly Install And Use Google Chromecast

You have successfully accomplished your device setup. You can now able to enjoy the services of your google chromecast it is full-fledged ready for operation.

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