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How To Get The Maximum Out Of Your Chromecast Device?


Millions of individuals are using Google Chromecast as their primary streaming device. Having Google Chromecast connected to the smart TV allows people to stream whatever they want from the internet to their big TV screens. But, there are many things that can be achieved with Chromecast and we will discuss those in today’s blog post.

Google has now baked cast functionality into the Chrome browser. So, people can now throw whatever they want to their TV screens. Let me be more precise, by throwing I don’t mean that you can throw shoes or the vas onto the TV screen, but photos, videos and music files can be sent from Chrome browser to the TV screens. You don’t have to perform any special Chromecast setup in order to cast from your PC to TV. Google boasting this new feature also revealed an interesting fact regarding the sales of Chromecast devices. The company has shipped 30 million Chromecast units, outselling Apple. Now, there are more Chromecast devices in the HDMI port of the TV than Apple TV. There has been a huge competition going on between 4-5 companies, and the top position hasn’t had a stable winner so far. The names keep on switching between Apple, Google, and Roku. But, the ease of Google Chromecast setup gives an edge to Google.

As you all know that the Google Cast functionality is already available to the people who are using Chrome browser. This functionality is available in the form of a browser extension, but things have changed there as well. Now, it is a default feature in the Chrome browser. Again, you don’t need to go to www Chromecast com setup to get this feature. The company has shared a stat the users have cast more than 38 million times from this cast functionality, which is something that was never done before.

People will see the cast icon as long as the website is associated with the cast. There will be a pop-up, which users will be able to see on their PC/laptop screens. It is also possible to cast the content from the websites that are not integrated with the cast, but for that, they will have to select an option in the Chrome menu. If you come across any issue, then you can take Chromecast help from experts.

There is no need to install or configure anything in order to use this feature. Google Cast now comes as a built-in feature in the Chrome, and any user can use it to stream the content from the computer screen to the bigger screen of his/her TV.

Furthermore, the company has also allowed people to use the TV screen when making video calls from either Google Hangouts or Cast for Education app. The Cast for Education app is very popular among the school going children because they can share their screens in classrooms. With these new features, Google is hoping that its sales will further grow and people will show more interest in its dongles.

The company is making progress, but it is still not as what the company would have expected. The company has also ensured that Chromecast support works proficiently because people may come across a few problems while accessing this new feature. Google Chromecast wants to remain ready for any influx of queries because that will make their brand stronger and more reliable. So, go to your Chrome browser and see if you can see the Google Cast icon. If you can’t see the icon, then your Chrome browser is the older version, so get it updated.

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