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How to do sound settings for the Chromecast audio device?

It is essential to adjust the sound levels of Chromecast audio device as it the only method through which we can receive the output of our given commands. So, if you need help in altering the Chromecast audio then go to the following process to do so.

Chromecast audio is an audio media streaming device with a very an exceptional sound quality. All though it has excellent sound quality still you can customize the sound levels for every output and playback sounds. Chromast uses our voice commands to interpret the tasks and thus gives back the output in the form of audio.

When the user gives the command to cast any sound, then the Chromecast audio will produce a playful audio to notify that the commands were interpreted with the existing network and soon going to playback the content. This time before the playing of the content can be used to adjust the level of audio according to your requirements. This time before playing the sound might vary according to the application used for casting the music. This vacant time may be less or more depending on the app you use.

If you change the level of the Chromecast’s sound from any app, then a small music will play to confirm that the changes to the audio levels have been made.

You can also turn off these sounds from the Google home application. To do these changes first connect your mobile or tablet that has the google app to the shared internet connection to which your Chromecast device is connecting and then go through the following steps:

  1. Tap on the icon for Google home application.
  2. Click on devices icon on the top right side of the apps home screen.
  3. It will display the list of available Chromecast devices so select your Chromecast device from that list.
  4. Click on the icon to “Edit” the settings of your Chromecast.
  5. Now Scroll down to the option for “Playback sounds” and turn it Off to disable the playbacks. Similarly, you can enable the even enable the Playback sounds in future if you want.

Chromecast Audio has the feature for a Full Dynamic range that provides the best sound quality like the HiFi audio speakers. So, you can turn it on for some special occasions and party time. You need to use a Chomecast compatible 3.55mm wire or any RCA wire while attaching it to any sound system. Steps to enable Chromecasts Full Dynamic range feature:

  1. Connect the phone and Chromecast audio to a shared internet connection.
  2. Tap on the Google home app.
  3. Click on devices icon on the top right side of the apps home screen.
  4. It will display the list of available Chromecast devices so select your Chromecast device from that list.
  5. Now Edit the settings of your Chromecast device.
  6. Move down to the option for “Full Dynamic Range” and then turn it “On.” Similarly, you can disable this feature when you don’t need it.

So, these were few alterations you can do to modify the settings of your Chromecast audio device. You can also make few judgments from the color of the LED light on your Chromecast audio like if the light is steady white, then it means the device has started casting, and content will be played soon. If the light appears pulsing white, then it indicates that the Chromecast is not properly connecting to the internet connection. The device is not available for casting if the LED light is blinking orange as it indicates that the Chromecast is going through updates. Solid orange LED light Chromecast notifies that there is something wrong with it so try to power cycle the Chromecast audio by plugging out the power wire and then plugging back after 20 seconds. You can also get Chromecast Support if you want to know more about other Chromecast audio settings and issues.