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How to connect Google Chromecast to a Network using personal Router?


Google Chromecast is one of those streaming devices that has completely changed the way of watching entertainment on TV. A small and compact device, Google Chromecast possesses capabilities of revolutionizing the world of digital entertainment and of course, it has done so. Today, we will be discussing the process of Chromecast setup to the home network using the personal router, so let’s find out what the entire process is.

There are not only apps but dedicated pieces of hardware which you might consider to buy for internet TV viewing. One of them is Chromecast audio, information about which can be read at www Chromecast com setup. It is a device, made by Google and is a giant killer. It has not been on the market for long but has eaten up the market of tech giants in the field of TV viewing.

This dedicated piece of hardware will stream your favorite channels from your Netflix app on your smartphone to a TV after you set up Chromecast. This is not just a second screen. If you use screen mirroring, the orthodox method, then it is a screen mirror. If you use the Google Cast app which comes with this hardware, then there is something new to be seen and done.

Google cast app allows you to cast your favorite channels from over the internet to Chromecast while using your phone after Google Chrome cast setup. For instance, if you are using screen mirroring, chances are that whenever you will get a message notification and message will also pop up on the big screen. When you get a call, video streaming will be disconnected.

If you are using google cast app downloaded from Google com Chromecast setup, streaming will happen in background and foreground you can use your phone any way you want. You can also switch off your smartphone and when you want to change whatever is on Chromecast, just use any other device.

This gives users a lot of independence and flexibility to use. It just takes over links rather than mirroring screen when playing. This also saves smartphone from battery draining. However, like many other present gen devices, it works with Wireless internet connection.


There are many buildings, enterprises, and hotels which provide internet but have a splash screen. Not many devices work with that kind of configuration. Chromecast is designed to work with a direct internet connection. If any kind of user integration usernames and passwords come in, it simply shows an error that it cannot connect to the internet.

However, if you want you can use another way around for it to work. There are several ways around for this to work. You can enter the details of splash screen credentials in UPnP settings and then can write a script to jump off that page while sending the credentials to the same server from where that page was sourced out.

Solution: Alternate backdoors

This works many times. Sometimes, when data is not supposed to be going back to the same server, then this procedure fails. To eradicate this issue, there is another way around. Users can install their own router. Now a router cannot simply bypass a credential locked wi-fi connection. We need to provide a direct internet to the router.

To do so, connect your laptop to the internet provided by the building or the service provider. Then once the splash screen opens, enter the details you are given. Once you bypass that page, plug in the additional router in your laptop.

This will fire up the internet out led lights of your router. Now make sure that the router you are using is an ADSL2+ compliant product since line splitting has been done at the junction made on your laptop.  Since now the router is emitting a direct internet, you can add additional security layer on it and then connect your Chromecast to it.

Here you have it, your router now allows Chromecast to connect to the services of your favorite TV channels without any hindrance. Feel free to check out the tutorial at Chromecast support page.

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