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How To Chromecast Arlo Camera Feeds With Google Assistant?

Did you know it was possible to watch Arlo camera feeds on your TV through Google Chromecast? If not, then let me just elaborate this story for you. It is possible, but you will need to have Google Assistant and Google Chromecast for this. For more information, kindly read below-mentioned blog. 

Netgear has launched Arlo line of wire-free security cameras, which are packed with a number of features. There is no denying the fact that this camera is expensive, but despite its high price, people seem to be quite interested in this product because it looks good, works excellently and has the support of Google Assistant.

If you have bought this camera, and are looking to add Google Home app on it, then you can ask Google Assistant to get you any camera feed of your choice. It is quite easy for you to stream videos to Google Assistant on Android and iOS, but this isn’t where the excitement ends, but the real fun begins with the integration of Google Chromecast. It is going to work something like the following:

‘Ok Google, show the front door on Bedroom TV’

There are a number of other security cameras such as Nest Cam IQ and Logitech Circle that have already been shipped with Google Assistant. The latter security camera comes with a built-in microphone along with a speaker, which allows you to use Google Home in a limited manner. But, when it comes to Netgear, then it hasn’t gone that far with Arlo integration. There are a few things that need to be done in order to make this Netgear’s camera more exciting.

There is one more thing that I would like you to note regarding Arlo cameras, i.e., they have the capability of working with Alexa device that has a screen. Devices like Echo Show, Amazon Fire e-reader, and Amazon Fire TV. If you want to know as to which Arlo product works with Apple devices, then it is Arlo Baby Smart HD, as it works with Apple HomeKit for Apple TV support.

There are two areas in particular in which voice assistants have done extremely well, these are; controlling smart homes and setting timers. It is a matter of joy to see that in small smart cameras, integration of Google Assistant and Alexa are turning default features. It is definitely going to make home-based tasks a lot convenient.

If you have tried a number of ways to allow Google Chromecast to view the feeds from your Arlo camera via Google Assistant, but have failed, then you need to get in touch with Google Chromecast help and support providers. They will provide you with the right assistance regarding this particular matter. Google Assistant is a revolutionary app, competing neck to neck with Alexa.

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