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How to cast Any Audio from Mac to Google Chromecast?


Although we all know that it will never happen due to Google and Apple’s tempestuous relationship, but sometimes I wish I could cast iTunes or Apple Music from any Mac to Google Chrome Cast Setup. The Television becomes a great source to amplify your music, when you don’t have any kind of speakers to blast your music.

Fortunately, for Mac users, now there is an easy way to cast any audio from the device. All thanks to the developers who developed command line tool with the help of which you can cast any audio from Mac.

Install the Necessary Apps

To cast the audio from Mac, there will be the requirement of two apps on your Mac. The first app that you need is called Sound Flower, which you don’t need to interact with but will be needed to allow the redirection of the system audio output as a system audio input. Download the zip file. After downloading the file open the .dmg file, and then install the .pkg file. If you can’t open the. pkg file because of your security preference, then you can change them or can make a onetime exception. The second is the actual app that we will be using is Sound cast. Download the zip file and after downloading open the file, and drag the Sound cast app to your application folder. For opening this file, you may need to adjust the security preferences. For more information, you can navigate to Www Chromecast Com Setup.

Play Some Audio and Cast it

After launching the Sound cast app, now you should see the icon in your menu bar. All you to do now is play some audio and select the option of Start Casting. This app will cast any or all audio that you are playing on the Mac, which means that you can cast any game audio or intensify the experience. You can also take Chromecast Support.

How to make it start on Boot

Sound cast needs you to launch it every time whenever you reboot your Mac, so if are going to use frequently, just add it your menu bar upon boot. For doing this, start by heading into your system Preferences and selecting Users& Group. Select the tab of login items   when you are in Users & groups. These will be the apps and services that will start every time when your Mac starts up. Now, there are two ways for adding Sound cast to the list: either you can drag and drop the app icon into the list or tap the sign of addition and search for app on your Mac. After adding the app to your login item list, make sure you check the box next to it. This will make sure that you never need to go searching for the app whenever you want to utilize it. The application will cast any audio from your Mac which includes multiple audio sources that you might be playing simultaneously. This means system sounds as well. The only thing that can be pointed as negative is that the display left on Google Com Chromecast Setup is not so appealing and looks a little unfinished.