How Masters can be streamed using Maters App and Google Chromecast?

google chromecast

Masters app can be used for watching all the matched of Masters that comes in the season and off season. This is a good thing for Golf fans that they watch the matches of Golf whole year without any interruption with this Masters app. But there is one problem with this app that you can only watch matches on small screen. The has many channels that you can watch but on small screen only. You will enjoy but not that much as you will on big flat screen of your TV. Then what you can do? Don’t worry. We will tell you what you can do to watch Masters on big screen of your TV. For this you can use a wonderful streaming dongle by Google namely Google Chromecast. If you have this dongle already setup on a bigger screen, then watching the Masters app or on your TV is a breeze.

You can do this from your Android device with a Google Chromecast:

If you are doing all the things from your Android device follow these steps to watch the Masters using Masters’ app and Google Chromecast:

  • Firstly, turn on your Google Chromecast and then ensure that it relates to your smartphone device.
  • On your Android device, download, install, and open the Google cast app.
  • In the screen box click on the hamburger/3 bar menu which will be located at the top of the screen.
  • Select the option of Cast screen/audio from the menu which looks like flying from left.
  • Now a screen will load and on that loaded screen, again click on cast screen/ audio option and confirm the Chromecast you are sending to, then exit the app.
  • Fire up the Masters’ app, open a stream and enjoy!

If you are doing all this from your desktop or any other computer:

If you are doing all the things from your own computer or someone else’s follow these steps to watch the Masters using Masters’ app and Google Chromecast:

  • Install Google Chrome if you don’t have already.
  • Now go to Google Chrome web store and install Google Cast Extension. It will create a Chromecast button at the right side of the address bar in any tan that you will open.
  • Go to and click on the live button at the top of the page for opening the streaming channels. Pick the one that you want to watch.
  • Click on the Chromecast button in that tab and connect to the dongle in your TV or larger monitor.
  • Click on the button of full screen in the streaming player to have a biggest view of the action possible on your computer.