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How Chromecast users can boost Wi-Fi signal plus change Wi-Fi channel


Being a user of Chromecast, we are here to tell you that how you can bring the boost to your Wi-Fi signal and how you can change the Wi-Fi channel.  Those who are new to this amazing streaming device can get the setup instruction by getting in touch with professionals.

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

NetGearUttering about your router, if both the streaming device (Chromecast) and the mobile device you near your HDTV to test the signal have not so good strength it’s likely that your Chromecast is on the edge of range of router and the only real solution is to either move the entire setup, TV included, closer to the router, to move the router nearer to the TV, to upgrade the router to expand strength of signal and range, or to use some sort of Wi-Fi extender such as Net gear EX1600 to extend your Wi-Fi network. Those who aren’t aware of Chromecast, let us tell that Chromecast is a streaming device which lets you cast your favorite content via various streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix etc. All you need to do is just Download Chromecast app from the Google Play store.

Full featured extenders like the EX1600 that counts an Ethernet port for LAN-to-Wi-Fi extension are especially functional if you have an ethernet drop nearby your entertainment center as you can make a strong and very local Wi-Fi access point just for your streaming device and other media center devices.

Change Your Wi-Fi Channel


The other kind of network congestion is not a bandwidth congestion problem as we just spotlighted but a wireless spectrum congestion problem. Unfortunately, the Chromecast doesn’t support 5 GHz WI-Fi and is stuck on the 2.4GHz band; the 2.4GHz band is quite congested with traffic (especially if you reside in a huge apartment complex where there maybe you’re surrounded by dozens of routers). Rest those who are new to this streaming device can get the Google Chromecast Download by stepping ahead to the Google Play Store.

In such a case, you can have a strong Wi-Fi signal but when we talk about steady data transmission (the kind you want for good video playback) a heavy use 2.4GHz band can cause issues. Alas, you can’t change the Chromecast to the 5GHz band but you can check which channels (the subdivisions of the 2.4GHz band used by 2.4GHz routers) are the most excellent for your location.

Rest if you’re struggling with any technical mess, then you are free to ask for technical help from professionals and experts. If you have Chromecast Extension Download, then you’re ready to cast your favorite entertainment via different and popular streaming services.