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Has updating raised bar in Streaming of Google Chrome Cast?


You just had to put Chrome cast dongle into the port of your TV and link it to the wireless network connection using Google Chrome cast app. Then you could choose your favorite apps on your phones such as YouTube or Netflix and cast the contents on your TV through the dongle.

Suddenly, an old style had a tremendous transformation and started showcasing the content streamed from the internet.

But, there was something more in it. The streaming of the chrome cast was fast as it had a simple routine. It just grabbed the source of the video and then stream it directly on your TV set via dongle from the net, sidestepping the phone altogether. In terms of performance and content the setup chrome cast is faster, smarter, and better than any other streaming device.


The phone could be used a remote control for volume, pause and stopping the streamed content. You could also switch off your phone, or run other apps. And all that for just $49. The chrome cast was easily affordable also. Due to Google’s approach, Chrome cast casting started available not only on Android devices and chrome books but also in iPhones, Windows phones, PCs and Macs. At that time the Chrome cast was only able to bring Google’s marketing ecosphere to those devices.

Then came a new product that costs almost double the Chromecast, is Chromecast Ultra. The cost of chrome cast ultra is $99 and chrome cast is $59.  The chrome cast Ultra came with a feature of streaming only 4K ultra high definition content with HDR picture quality. Also, the load time of the movie was less than before.

The Chrome cast Ultra has also another feature of supporting the Ethernet link along with working on home network through Wi-Fi. The interesting fact about Ethernet socket is that it is retained on power plug rather than chrome cast dongle. It means you can have a bigger data load with reliable streaming with 4K.Android-Prime-Video-on-Chromecast

These days, dozens of apps have come with app support casting and are available on both android and IOS and can be easily accessible through Google Home app. With the introduction of Chrome cast ultra the purpose of Chrome cast stands nowhere as all the TVs with 4K are smart and their own wide range of apps. You would hardly use Netflix with Chrome cast as it is already installed on most smart TVs.

But is doesn’t mean that you can take phone to your friend’s house with Netflix installed in it and can see a movie through their chromecast setup. In fact, Chrome cast Ultra fills the gap with apps that are missing on your smart TV.

Both chrome cast and chrome cast ultra-provide you an alternative way to bring the content to be streamed to your TV from the apps, just as you would do from Apple TV or set top box. You just have to put a glance at the apps that chrome cast com setup will support, and it could be a solution for you to watch your favorite content streamed with Google Chrome cast setup. Largely, it’s a brilliant perception with lots of apps, but is has a limitation in some places also as it has the limited support for streaming catch up services.