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In a revolutionary move to ameliorate the sales of Chromecast, Google has changed the name of the application to ‘Google Cast’. They believe that this new name reflects the technology in a better way. The name will include not just the device, but its speakers, TVs and displays as well. Despite the change in the name, the name of the app is still the same on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Many believe that this is a small change, but Google is signally towards a broader shift in the direction of the popular Cast technology.

Google Cast, as we all know started off as an affordable competitor to the more advanced and sophisticated streaming players like Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV and even the Android TV. The easy to use features of the device and its low price has resulted in the selling of more than 20 million units in 2015.

The technology and the channels used in Google Cast has put the device among the bestsellers in the world today. This is perhaps the reason that the company has changed the name of Google Chromecast to Google Cast. This particular move will allow the company to hook up with Sound bars, Vizio’s P-Series Displays and speakers.

It has been seen that Google has been really busy in expanding its original product line. It was last year when the company launched Chromecast 2, which had a new look and was easier to plug into. Chromecast Audio was launched at the same time as well, which is a device that can turn any speaker into a web-connected gadget.

Google is also working with other companies to get its casting technology in their products. These companies are Philips, Sony, LG, Raumfeld, StreamUnlimited, Pioneer, Harman Kardon, Frontier Silicon and B&O Play. These all offer Cast Audio-enabled hardware and software like Sony, Vizio and Sharp, which Google Cast technology.

The company has also announced that Vizio P-series displays, speakers and sound bars is going to support Google Cast technology. It will be possible for users to cast from a wide range of popular services like Google Play Music, Netflix or any other from their tablets or smartphones. It is also possible to mirror websites on their big TV screens with the help of Chrome browser on the PC. The device also supports Ultra HD video quality.

Though the rebranding has been done, but not everyone will be able to see the updated app as of now.

The company has just announced that the Cast will come in Vizio’s new P-series displays. Not just hte displays, but in speakers and sound bars as well. There is one more interesting news to this, i.e., the displays will not be coming with any extra built-in applications. The process will be entirely based upon the Cast technology, which can then be cast in UHD quality.

This new technology will allow Google to connect with the 3rd party devices. Google Cast app will not just remain confined to Chromecast device.

Besides the new app, Google has launched an updated Cast website as well that includes all those TVs and speakers that are capable of supporting cast without needing extra accessories. So, users just need to get that app and then, the website will let them choose between the iTunes or the Google Play Store in order to get more information.