Google Fiber TV will now come with Chromecast


Google is touching heights with its Fiber cable, phone and internet services. Therefore, company recently announced it would add Google Cast to its Fiber TV set-top boxes. This means your set-top box will have quality of a Chromecast device once you download Google Cast and Set up chromecast.


The feature will start rolling out soon, but it may take several weeks before it reaches all users.

Once it is up and runs into your home, Google cast will work similarly as it works with a Chromecast dongle. All you need to do is open a chromecast compatible app on your phone or tablet and tap the Cast button and instantly the content will resume on your big screen with the help of Www Google com ChromeCast Setup.Unfortunately, not all the compatible apps will work at launch. However, key apps that don’t support Casting to fiber TV are Hulu, WatchESPN, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Watch ABC, Spotify, and HBO Now. Well, HBO Go will work.

Google Cast via Chromecast made its way to the living room successfully, so it is not a surprise to see it rolling out to Fiber TV as well. If you need any assistance regarding chromecast you can refer Chromecast help.

The thing required to give a thought is what took this long for this collaboration to happen. Google launched its Fiber in 2012 with a cable TV option and the Chromecast stick came out in 2013.

google fibre

Perhaps Google couldn’t act on it because of licensing restrictions with the content providers for its TV services. And this explains why some apps aren’t compatible with Fiber yet.

With this extra feature of support chromecast, Google Fiber subscribers will be benefited and this feature will draw users to give a shot to Google Fiber.