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Google Classroom comes with new features for both teachers and parents

Google Classroom comes with new features for both teachers and parents

Gone are those days when teachers used boards to teach children and all other primitive methods. Its new era which is filled with gadget and new technology and how education can left behind. This year June 2016, Google launched its Google cast For Education due to which teachers can make their Chrome device through chromecast setup a platform where children can cast their presentation. The teachers just need to download the Chrome App and launch it. After that teachers need to grant presentation access to the students.

It has become very popular tool among teachers and students since then. This platform makes learning more fun and whole process aims towards education. Google announced that Classroom is getting updates and this will bring more interesting features to it. The most exciting of them is parent participation.

According to this new updates teachers can send parents and guardians their child’s report. Surely that’s a good new for parents as don’t have to chase teachers for it and definitely not good for children.

Google Classroom comes with new features for both teachers and parents

The company says that these performance reports sent to parents will be automated once teacher invite them. The teacher have the option to select between daily or weekly email summaries of student work and class announcements. This tools will definitely will be helpful in generating direct communication between parents and teachers. Moreover, parents can get the updated information and track their child’s performance and their school life.

The company will be also introducing an annotation tool which will enable children to complete assignments, solve maths problems, and create visuals directly on the devices. This features act like a portable classroom where children and learn and draw. Teachers can also use this feature to grade assignment by writing directly on the student’s work.

The company is also bringing Expeditions, platform for virtual reality experiences to classroom. Now students will be able to learn by visually visiting places. The company will be coming with Expedition app to iOS soon.

Other updates include more organised UI and this makes it easier to use for both students and the teachers. Teachers can organize the class stream by adding topics to posts and teachers and students can filter the stream for specific topics. Previewing files has also been integrated and Chromecast help is there to give you more guidelines regarding the process.

By using Google Cast for Education students and teachers can share their screen wirelessly all they need is latest version of Chrome. The latest version of Classroom will be coming up with much more.