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Google Chromecast 4K Is All Set To Launch

Google Chromecast 4K Is All Set To Launch

Chromecast offers a great way to browse top-class content. Moreover, people will get an easy access to the keyboard, which is integrated within the screen only. The applications that run in Chromecast are fast and highly responsive. Google Chromecast has successfully blended a highly-simplified interface with the big TV screen. There is just one small problem that Chromecast needs to address and that is related to the resolution. In the recent times, both Roku and Amazon have embraced 4K technology and incorporated it into their respective devices. So, following the same path, Chromecast has also tried to integrate 4K technology and getting out of the land of 1080p. People can then do Chromecast  download of streaming content from various online sources.

Google Chromecast 4K Is All Set To Launch

Google has announced that coming October 4th, they are going to bring a new Chromecast into the market, which will be equipped with 4K resolution, i.e., 3,840 X 2,160 UHD resolution. This is a great news for Google patriots because they don’t want to use any other product except Google’s, so when they see a device that is capable of showing 4K resolution videos, then they’d be ecstatic.

So, when this Google Chromecast download is going to release? Let us find out all the details pertaining to this.

4K Chromecast release date

Google hasn’t had released any formal statement on this, neither there has been any announcement by the company. But, the company has pointed out to the fact that the entire world is moving towards a new technology that promises 4K resolution, so why not, Chromecast, which is used by millions of customers all around the world. One has to wait until October 4 because that’s when the curtain will be removed and the reality will come out.

Google Chromecast 4K Is All Set To Launch

It is not the first time that we are hearing about Google’s 4K resolution device, but the rumours seem to be louder this time around, and this is what making people crazy. Download Chromecast 4K manual to know more about it.

What would be the price of Google Chromecast 4K?

Google Chromecast 4K Is All Set To Launch

 Pricing has always been a great factor for the company, as the current version of Chromecast is priced at $30 whereas Chromecast audio is priced at $35. Though, the 4K enabled Chromecast will be a bit pricey than these two models, but there won’t be a big price hike like other companies do. The pricing of this new Chromecast stick is going to be expensive because a streaming device is going to handle all the processing, which is not an easy task. Moreover, there will be graphics to render along with carrying the information from the online platforms to the TV sets via app. So, people are not worried about the price because they know that Google will charge minimum from them.

Now, coming to the question as to where to get Chromecast download link, then that can be available on a wide number of sites besides Google Play Store, so people can get the Chromecast app from anywhere.

There is more than one way of streaming content on the TV through Chromecast. One way is by getting the Chromecast app, and another way is by getting the Chromecast extension download on Google Chrome browser. This is also a popular technique to stream the content.

Chromecast app download: Is Google Play Store the only place?

No, it is not just Google Play Store from where you can get the app, but various other sources. One thing that you have to keep in mind while downloading Chromecast app is that you don’t have to pay anything to get Chromecast download because it is free on the Google Play Store and on various other sources on the web. So, don’t pay for the app.