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Google Cast Multi Room Certification Will Be Undertaken By Streamunlimited

Google Cast Multi Room

Google has chosen one of the veterans in the field of multi room certification. Google was working on its product called Google cast from a long time.  It was already keeping StreamUnlimited under consideration for multi room certification.

StreamUnlimited has already been working for the likes of Google Cast and is a direct competition to Pioneer’s BlackFIre technology for multi room. StreamUnlimited provides peak satisfactory software solutions and modules for audio products which are connected and self-aware. Google needs it because its audio product google cast audio has been promised with an update. The update will include multiple cast devices connected with each other and playing audio in synchronisation.

For this update to follow, google cast protocols need to be licensed and that is why StreamUnlimited is working with google cast. Now that majority of high quality content providers like Napster, Spotify and Pandora are aboard the hype train for Google Cast audio, it was the right time to work on this update. CEO of StreamUnlimited says how they have been working closely and productively with Google on this project from more than over a year.

Surely they are up to something, and now talking about StreamUnlimited, StreamUnlimited has set standards in technology of connected audio devices. It was found in 2005 and now employees more than 70 engineers.

It not only consults on but also provides software solutions and modules for connected devices. Tech giants like google have started to outsource this work to them rather than starting for themselves from scratch. They have clients in USA, Canada, Japan and China along with Europe.

Technically, they have an advanced SDK called StreamSDK which is capable of transporting audio media across connected devices. They also support flagship Airplay by Apple and Google cast services. StreamSDK also has multi room feature which has almost no latency. This stream kit is also compatible from extremely low end to classier high end streaming devices.