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Google Cast Is Now Available In The SCO Go App

SCO Go App - Google Cast

The SCO Go app for smartphones and tablets can now have access to the video on demand, plus the orange subscription can also be connected to Google Cast or Orange to distribute high quality digital content on the television!!!

This was a feature that was hunting SCO Go app, and it has been added just a week earlier, right before the start of the sixth season of the popular TV series named ‘A Game of Thrones’. This TV show will be rebroadcasted by SCO in the US+24.

This application can be used from a wide range of internet connection, though it has to be strong enough to support the stream of videos and deliver to the customer IDs even from the fibre orange or an ADSL. Users will be able to access the OCS content regardless of wherever they go. They can view it on any TV screen where they plug Google Cast USB.

The SCO Go App is available for free download in Apple App stores and Google Play Store, but the app is only useful to the subscribers of Orange OCS offers.