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Google Cast for Education- education oriented tool

Google Cast for Education- education oriented tool

The incredible Google cast is the technology underlying behind chromecast but all you need to set up chromecast first. It lets you stream content from your smartphones, tablets, PCs to your TV screens after chromecast set up available on Www Google com ChromeCast Setup. It is further increasing its horizons as Google has recently designed and launched a special version of Google cast for the classrooms.

It’s known as Google Cast for Education further, it is a chrome web app that lets students and teachers to beam content to a central display so that they can share their work with the whole class.

Google cast for Education is one of the several tools that Google has announced for educators.

This is how it works:

Google Cast for Education- education oriented tool

Teachers simply connect their computer to a projector or other displays and uses the Cast for Education app. By this app, students are able to beam content to that projector or display from their computers. Since everything goes through the teacher’s system so no new hardware like a chromecast or Android TV is required.

However, the app is free but you won’t be able to do much with it if you don’t have an Education account. It is specially designed to use with Google Apps for Education.

Google is launching its beta version of Cast for Education app and it says that coming version of Google cast Extension Download which is for ChromeOS or Chrome for PC. However, you won’t be able to cast from Android and iOS as it is not currently supported.

Google Cast for Education- education oriented tool

Google is all set for new education-oriented tools which include new Expedition app which can be used for exploring places around the world without leaving a classroom, support for Quizzes in Google forms and various new Chrome apps.

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