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Google cast controls –a new feature of Google Play Services

a new feature of Google Play Services

If you and your family is a regular user of Chromecast and you probably know how amazing your streaming device is and its Chromecast setup is so easy that anyone can figure out easily. Chromecast has revolutionized streaming media market with its Google Cast technology. With this technology, you are able to cast your favorites but what if you would be able to cast different things on different devices. Yes! you can but for this, you require a lot of Google cast enabled products in your home.

If you are wondering how more than one media streaming session can happen at the same then let me tell you Google is adding in Player controls its Google Play services that will appear in the notification when you are currently casting something to any connected device.


You might have noticed this type of notification for the content that has been cast from the apps like YouTube. This type of notification shows an option for playback and skipping forward and backward on the video in the playlist. And “x” icon for closing the video that is playing. However, the new notification which is added in Google Play services will show all these controls plus they have the option to mute the audio that is specifically casting and you also have an option for to open up the Google cast settings and then from there you can disable the controls shown in the notification if you are in a house or business where there are lot of Chromecast. If you are not able to figure out how to disable the notification then you can take Chromecast support which is given by the Chromecast professional and they will try their best way possible to resolve your issue.

This feature is only there for Chromecast and Chromecast Audio so far that means if you are casting to the Google cast enabled devices such as TV, Android TV like NVIDIA SHIELD, then these controls will not appear.

This update is not been rolled out to everyone so far, and that is the case with many of Google’s apps as the update are rolled out to the users in batches and not completely.



You need to ensure that you should be on the same network as Google cast device. However, the casting device doesn’t require the latest version of Play services for the notification to get displayed on other devices.


It is easy to download and install, look for the cryptographic signature because it guarantees that the file is safe to install or you can wait for the Google to download this update to your devices which might take days to come and when it arrives download and install it just like any other APK.

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