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Google cast app is now Google Home

Google cast app is now Google Home

Back in 2013, Google chromecast was introduced and it became the most popular streaming player and what makes it stand out from the crowd was its ability to cast any webpage from Chrome browser to your screen or can cast Netflix, Google Play Music to your TV after successful Setup Chromecast, this app makes casting so seamless.

Google cast app is now Google Home

As the device became older, Google pushed its ability to cast all sort of media which was only possible after Chromecast download.

When chromecast app was introduced it was known as Chromecast and in March this year Google renamed its app to Google Cast. But now Google in the Google’s huge Made By Google event yesterday renamed it once again and now its Google Home.


As we might be familiar that Google Home is a voice assistant which specifically has a wired Bluetooth speaker that has a Google Assistant built into it directly. It is the answer to the Amazon’s Alexa. Google Home is a powerful and most commendable feature of this is its ability to connect with the Chromecast.


For instance, you can command your device by saying “OK Google Play Narcos on Netflix on my TV” and after this Google Home will be able to understand your command and will connect to Chromecast via Google Chromecast download which is available on your play store and Appstore and after that will start playing your favorite. We can clearly see that Google is trying to make emphasis on Google Home and that why renaming Google cast to Google Home and reflecting it as a competitor of Alexa.

If you are able to run the preview version of the Chromecast com setup  software then you will notice that Google is getting rid of all the branding related to chromecast and instead of replacing it with Google Home and you might notice chromecast name is vanishing slowly.


However, Google Home is currently available and priced $129 at the Google Store and the new update about the renaming the app is available now.

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