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Five Best Apps Made For Your Chromecast Streaming Player

 The chaos of subscribing to the cable network is no more. Media streaming devices like Roku, Chromecast Com Setup, and Amazon have now taken this place. By spending few dollars, you can purchase these players. These players are easy to configure and know by ‘plug and play’ devices.

To avoid any botheration related to change of channels with the remote, there is an individual app for these players, which you can download on your phone and start controlling the device with the phone itself. The process of connecting the device to the phone is not at all complicated. Just connect both the devices to the same home network.

Now coming to the main concern, we are now going to discuss the best 5 apps that are designed for your Chromecast player.

  1. Google cast: This is the first step to start streaming the content on the TV screen. Download google cast app in your phone and find the latest version available for your mobile OS. Once you install google cast app, you can even use screen-mirroring feature to cast the source content directly to the TV screen. For more details related to Chromecast screen mirroring feature, you can visit Chromecast download.
  2. Video streaming: Another app meant for Chromecast. With this app, all the local content available in your phone can be watched on the TV screen. You require an internet connection for this. If you want to play videos through the browser, then you have to download the plugin or extension on Google Chrome browser. It will hardly take 2 minutes.
  3. YouTube: This is considered as one of the best apps from Chromecast point of view. You can watch anything you want through YouTube. All shows, movies, songs and amazing videos are available on this platform. You just have to configure it in the Chromecast app installed on your phone. When you start playing any video on your phone, you will find cast icon on the top of the screen. When you tap on it, you will find that the video within a fraction of seconds started playing on the TV screen. If you want to pause, play, forward or change the video you can do it from mobile itself. There is no need for Chromecast remote.
  4. Plex: Plex app is designed to watch the local content like movies, shows or music. This is similar to other video apps but the only difference is the content is organized in a proper manner. You can download this app from the app store of your smartphone. There’s one feature available in this app through which you can watch any video without downloading it in your local device.
  5. NetflixNetflix com Activate is among the best 5 apps designed for Chromecast media streaming player. To use this app, you are required to pay a monthly charge of $5. The intelligent feature available in this app is that the streaming video will not buffer even after locking the phone. You can watch the video without any trouble even if your phone is locked. The user-interface of this app is also user-friendly. Anyone can use it easily without requiring any help. This app is available for download on all major app stores like Apple store, playstore, and Amazon store.

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