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Features: Top 10 Google Cast Apps For Android

Google Cast

Google Cast is a gorgeous piece of technology. It is a dongle, which uses HDMI. It can be plugged into a TV. It is capable of streaming services from your smart phone to TV or bigger screen in which it is plugged. With latest firmware, you can also play games on it using your smartphone as a remote control for playing. It costs merely $35. Some of the coolest apps for google cast are:

  1. LocalCast for Chromecast/ DLNA

LocalCast is ideal for streaming content which does not have a cast button. Simply saying, LocalCast is ideal for streaming content from your smart phone by bypassing Cast option. It also works with a variety of boxes including Roku, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


  1. Google Play Movies

Google Play movies is one of the first party apps from google for Google cast. Users can rent and buy movies, TV shows or live content streaming from Google play movies and watch them on their smart phones. Users can also cast the content to Google cast from their smart phones once they have purchased it from google play movies.

Google Play Movies

  1. Spotify Music

Spotify music has been around for all platforms. It is one of the most used music streaming apps. Now it also comes with a Google Cast integration. Just install it, subscribe and then cast it to your google cast device.


  1. Hulu

Stream your favourite TV shows days after they air on Hulu. It is almost free and now it comes with a Cast option. Just subscribe it on your smartphone and stream your favourite TV shows on your TV using google cast app.


  1. Plex for android

Plex allows you to make a local server in your home if you have a lots of content to stream. It even works if you are not home. It used to stream to smart phones and devices running android. Now, it is also compatible with Google Cast.


  1. Google Cast

It is the flagship app for Google cast. It helps in operation and installation of Google cast. However, it is also very useful to explore. It tells you what is popular and new on google cast. You can install apps for streaming content which is popular and shown on Google cast app.


  1. Netflix

It is a very popular and one of the most used streaming apps. It is popular because it has its Netflix exclusive TV shows and movies. You cannot find that content somewhere else for sure. It works on subscription. Now Netflix lets you stream content to your Google Cast.


8.   YouTube

There is no need to explain how important YouTube is. It has infinite hours of uploaded content, suggestion feed based on your usage and is all free. Now you can also rent movies from YouTube. It comes with a Cast button for streaming content to Google Cast.


9.   Pocket casts

Podcasts are on an all-time high. They not only broadcast audio content but also video. Pocket cast enables you to view your favourite podcasts on your TV with Google Cast integration. This podcast catcher is great and free to use.


10.  NBA 15-16

Officially, NBA 15-16 has ended but playoffs are pending. You can see all their matches of this year. A subscription fee will be charged for streaming Live and Exclusive content. Users can watch all this uncut content on bigger screen, thanks to Google Cast integration.