European Commission’s Fight With Google Is Not Just For Android: The War To Control The Internet Has Gone Mobile

European Commission’s Fight With Google

A week ago, the European Commission accused Google of misusing the strong position of its Android OS to promote the company’s very own services including the mobile apps. In reply to the European Commission, Google said that they have made their apps free for their users. They also said that their users are free to access the services from anyone, which also include their arch rival Apple.

The media has called this incident as the war between the European regulators and the US tech companies. Though it may be true, but the media is missing a bigger story, i.e., the fight that occurred in 2014 when Google accused European regulators over their dominance in the computer based search.

This time around the commission has taken the revenge from the Google. European Regulators were bothered about an issue that is making the flowing of the information diverted from the PCs to the mobile devices.

The current situation suggests that more than half of the US and European web traffic takes places on the cell phones, and the number is continuously on the rise. According to the old records, 100% value delivered to all the users through the free web-based services, expansion of new has come from the cell phones. The current scenario is that there are more people with smartphones than the ones without them. When compared with other products, smartphones have much bigger market, and it is continuously expanding with every passing day.

There is no doubt upon the fact that European Commission will do whatever in its power to shape and restrict the smartphone landscape.

The trend is not just confined to the Europe, but it is a global story. All those who are using the internet and other services are using smartphones. In Africa, the penetration of smartphones exceeds 70%, and when we see the populations of countries like Chile and Brazil, then it is clearly visible that 25% people are using smartphones. The number of people that are using smartphones in China is bigger than the total population of Europe.

It is not just about the stats, but it is about emotions as well. People have been able to make emotional relations via smartphones. People are now totally relied upon smartphones when it comes to business and employment, health and fitness and other important niches. The numbers are staggering in developing countries and among the younger users. Younger people are able to get a wider array of emotions using their smartphones.

The example of the people from the Middle East who have taken a refuge in Europe is perhaps the best example. For them, smartphones are the single point of contact, banking tool, news source, and a source of entertainment. The importance of smartphones can be found out by the latest UN has given the orders to make cell phone charging centres a must in the refugee camps scattered from Turkey to Calais. Cell phones with internet access has become a prerogative for the refugees.

It hardly matters, which way the fight between Google and European Commission will go, but there is no denial upon the fact that Smartphones have changed the lives of the people.