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Enhance Your Streaming Experience with Google Chromecast Tips

Streaming Experience with Google Chromecast Tips

Turning on Your TV and Chromecast Without Using the Remote

You can turn on your TV and Chromecast without even touching your remote. Also, you can change to the right HDMI input without taking the help of remote. You can do this with the help of a feature offered by Chromecast, but now it’s available on your HDTV also. This feature is called as HDMI-CEC. Once this feature is enabled on your TV you can cast any content on it.

Use Keyboard Shortcut to Stream Local VideoChromecast Ultra

You can use RealCloud Player, Videostream, or Plex apps that will help you to cast the stored video on your PC to your TV. For this there is a keyboard shortcut also. You will have to download for Chrome browser an app Google Cast Extension. After installing this just press Control + O for Chromebook and Windows or Command + O for Mac. There will be a pop-up box, use this for finding and selecting any video.

Stored Local Video Streaming on Android Devices

You can stream the stored local videos on your smartphone or tablet to your TV just by Downloading Chromecast app on your android tablet or smartphone. By doing this you can send music, videos, and photos that are stored on your phone to your TV.

Another thing that you can do is to mirror your smartphone. It means whatever your phone is having can be streamed on the big screen. You just have to select Cast Screen option from Chromecast App and then select the Chromecast device.


Full-Screen Content Casting in the Background

While streaming content from your PC you can’t use this for any other task. But Chromecast has a solution for this also. When you are casting from your Chrome browser you just have to press Alt + Tab to switch between the tasks and you can use your computer for other tasks while continuing streaming along with.

Adjustment of Streaming Quality

We will tell you about some secret settings for your Chromecast. After installing Google Cast Extension for Chrome browser, click on cast button. A page will open with some settings options that can be adjusted manually. In this setting menu, you will get the option of adjusting the streaming quality for anything.

For more information please contact Chromecast Help.

Addition of Emoji or Symbols in Chromecast Name

This is a silly but a cooler option that will make you feel cool. You can add emoji and character symbols to the name of your Chromecast device and both Android and IOS support this.

Motion-Controlled Games and Facebook Live Broadcasts

You can play motion controlled games while using your Chromecast and smartphone. One title, for example, is Super Sync Sports. Got to this title in Chrome browser and then cast page from your PC to TV and sync your android device to your PC. After following the on-screen instructions of the game, you will be able to swing, flick, and wave your smartphone or tab to control the game. You can also send a Facebook Live Broadcast to your TV. You have to ensure that your phone and Chromecast both are on the same Wi-Fi network.


Casting of Netflix Shows by Using Google Now

For setting up voice actions for Google Now you have to use a Tasker. After this implement an action that will allow Google Now to cast the shows of Netflix from smartphone to TV on a voice command.

Use Google Home to Cast YouTube and Netflix

You can cast the shows of Netflix and YouTube by using Google Home. For this, you will need a $129 Google Home and the latest version of Google Home App. After that a Chromecast is required that will be plugged into your TV. Then a Netflix account that will be linked to Google Home. For linking Open Home app > Devices > Home > then Settings > then More > then Videos and Photos, and do the linking. All this can be done for YouTube videos also just by linking YouTube account to Google Home App.

Some Other Benefits

For switching up the background of Chromecast you can either select from Google’s images or choose from your own photos. You can also let your guests use Chromecast without giving them the access to your Wi-Fi. You just have to turn your Chromecast to Guest Mode in the device settings option. If you face any issue with your Chromecast, then you can restore the factory settings by using the settings option in Chromecast com setup. You can also do this by holding the Chromecast button for 25 seconds.