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Customizing Chromecast’s Backdrop to Show Personalized News, pictures, and More

Customizing Chromecast’s Backdrop to Show Personalized News, pictures, and More

The curated collection of Google is very good. It is the collection of photos that show up when the Chromecast or Android TV box is idle. But sometimes you want to see something which is personalised. With the help of Google Chromecast app, now known as Google Home app, you can change the backdrop settings of your Chromecast or you can take Chromecast Support.

Customizing Chromecast’s Backdrop to Show Personalized News, pictures, and More

Google Home app is available for both iOS and Android and looks and works as same in both the devices. Once you have installed the app then you need to go from a Set Up Chromecast process. Then it will search for the available devices and don’t panic is it doesn’t find anything. If your Chromecast is already up and running, then it’s good. After going through setup process and signing in, you are ready for doing anything into your account or Chromecast.  The app will start from telling you from where to manage your device. It is the same setting that we will also let you know.

Customizing Chromecast’s Backdrop to Show Personalized News, pictures, and MoreWhen you will go ahead you will see a little icon at the upper right corner. This will load up all the Chromecast Extension Download on your network. If your device is running on network and you have not signed into your Google account, then tap on Personalise backdrop and more. It will bring up a dialog box saying you to use your Google account for features and click on Yes I’m in.

Now you will see the backdrop settings of your device. Here you will see all the customisation options and Chromecast starts showing different faces and allows you to dig in and make changes accordingly. Here are the options that you will see:

Google Photos: This allows you to select custom albums from the collection of Google Photos and display them as backdrop. You can create a new album at photos.google.com. Here you need to click on create link at the top and choose albums.

Facebook: You can allow Chrome Cast Setup to access your Facebook photos. You can also choose them to display.

Play Newsstand: This feature is wonderful if you use Newsstand app of Google. It shows the news headlines from your personalized feed in Newsstand on your TV.

Art: This setting shows you several kinds of art from Google Open Gallery, Street Art, and google cultural Institute.

Earth and Space: Here you will get some breathtaking pictures of NASA’s image of the Day and Google Earth.

Flickr: If you have your Flickr account then you show those images that are on your account on your Chromecast.

Cultural News: This feature will give all types of cultural news. You can either on or off this setting.

Featured Photos: You will be able to see the featured photos from Getty Images, 500px, US Federal Lands, and Google Plus.

Weather: Your Chromecast also shows you daily weather at the bottom right corner of the screen beside the clock and it is inconspicuous.