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Control your Chromecast with Google Home


Those who have got the Google Home, we know they all are learning gradually to operate Google Home plus its capabilities, such as using Google Home to make a control on Philips Hue lights. Before we step forward let us let tell that you can Download Chromecast app, so you can cast your favorite content via different popular streaming services.

Before we get started, make sure that there’s a tight connection between your Google Chromecast and TV. It also requires being configured to perform on the similar Wi-Fi network that Google Home is running on. This should likely already be the case for most households and most folk reading this guide.

  • Navigate to Google Play Store on your iOS or Android device and download the Google Home application. This actually used to be called Google Cast, so your eyes may already catching it on your device if it’s already installed.
  • Now let Google Home look for devices around your home. Again, it’s essential your device is on the similar Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast and Google Home, otherwise, it will not find anything.
  • At least one Chromecast and your Google Home device should be recognized by the Google Home app.


  • The Google Home app is full of applications that work with Google Chromecast. You can use the directional and open apps such as Netflix, for example, and then cast your favorite shows and motion pictures to your TV using ‘Cast’ button at the screen’s top.
  • A Discover tab inside the Google Home application will show you applications as well, those hasn’t installed by you but you might want to use, such as FOX Sports GO, NFL Sunday Ticket, Slacker Radio, and FOX Now etc. Anything listed here supports Chromecast from individual applications. You can also get the Chromecast Free Download app from the Play Store for more entertainment.

  • You can also give a verbal command to ask Google Home to play certain content on your television. The functions are still limited but added support is arriving soon.
  • If you want to play something then you need to utter something like this. “Play 311 on my TV”. It will start to stream to your Chromecast device separately for the room it’s in. If you name this device in your room, “Living Room”, you can utter “Stream 311 to my living room TV, “For example.
  • Alright now to play music via other applications, simply say, “Play Rolling Stones via Spotify on my TV.” Now replace “Spotify” with Pandora or YouTube Music, if you’re fond of those services. Other third party applications are not supported yet, but according to Google users will see more new aspects in future.
  • If you want to play a YouTube video, then simply say something like this, “Play the latest Techno Buffalo video through YouTube on my TV.” If you’re viewing today, you will begin to start to view our Samsung Fear S3 video.
  • For music videos you need to say “Bruce Springsteen music videos on my TV.” You TV will begin to play a YouTube mix of videos. Some features are not entirely supported yet. You cannot ask Google Home to cast Google Play movie to your Chromecast yet, for example, or use popular streaming service Netflix. Google promises that sort of support is arriving soon. The function stream a podcast to your TV, this function is currently unavailable. Well, do we need to say anything? Because everything is in front of you, you can see the amazing features and functionality, those let you control your household devices. You can also sync more than one Chromecasts to play various content in various rooms, all you need to do is just give your verbal command. All the Chromecast users you all are aware of this astonishing streaming device, those who are new to this device, Chromecast Extension Download is another path of streaming.