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Chromecast vs Apple Tv, Roku Streaming stick and Teewe2

Chromecast vs Apple Tv, Roku Streaming stick and Teewe2

Streaming devices are gaining popularity and becoming part of every household. People prefer to stream their favorite content and watch it on their screen rather than waiting. According to the report that was published by HIS technologies, the average U.S. household has at least four connected devices. India is not left in the race as Indian people are also gradually moving towards streaming services.

Streaming services like Netflix are waking shoulder to shoulder with home content providers like Voot and Hotstar and YouTube which is lays providing the desired content. Below is the List of all the media streaming devices that can be picked in India too.

Google’s Chromecast

google's chromecast

First of all comes the most recognized and populardevice in the market available for streaming. This device is completely in new form. Set up chromecast is very easy all you need to plug it into TV’s HDMI port and stream content from user smartphones or tablet. For streaming content you require Google cast which is available once you Download Chromecast. Users can display their content on big screens and it makes the device perfect for the presentation too. The chromecast line is joined by chromecast audio, which plugs into the speaker through a 3.5 m jack and stream audio content and provides best quality music. Both the devices cost Rs 3,399 in India.

Apple TV


Next comes the Apple TV. It almost does everything the chromecast does but you cannot set presentation on it or set up the game. Device not only play content from Netflix and Spuul, but you can also play games. The remote of Apple TV can be used as a gaming controller. . The device remote can be used as a microphone to communicate with Siri and starts at Rs 13,500.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming stick

Another popular streaming stick in U.S. It is somewhere between Chromecast and Apple TV. It has the portability of the chromecast and remote function of the Apple TV to the market. While Roku doesn’t sell the Streaming stick in India and also Roku app cannot be downloaded in India. Also, the devices ecosystem in India is poor quality.

Teewe 2

The Teewe 2 streaming service plugs directly into the TV’s HDMI port and communicates with user’ s smartphones, tablets and laptops over WiFi. Like Chromecast the device allows screen sharing. The downside of Teewe 2 is that it is not content-rich but you can switch between the apps to surf content and allow users to queue up media on the go. The Teewe 2 costs Rs 2,399.

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