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Chromecast users can recall Yama Buddha

Yama Buddha

What’s going on Chromecast users? Hopefully, you all are enjoying your favorite entertainments via various popular streaming platforms. Well, if you’re new to this astonishing device then let us tell you can navigate to Chrome Cast Com Setup so you can grab the facile and accurate procedure of setting up. We no need to tell that Chromecast grips the various streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora etc. Alright, how many lovers of YouTube we have right now?

Well, no doubt there are many YouTube addicts, and literally, YouTube is an immense platform where you will find your favorite content. The best thing about this streaming platform is, that this streaming platform not only provides you various videos, you can even use it as your stage as well. Alright, when it comes to some sensible artists then we have thousands of name, but recently the huge genre of Hip Hop has lost the young artist name, Yama Buddha. Anil Adhikari who was popular by his stage name Yama Buddha found dead in his bathroom on 14th January 2017.

Raw Barz

Yama Buddha was a Nepali rapper plus one of the most well-liked rappers in Nepal. His tracks Sathi. You Prasanga, Antya Ko Suruwat, and Aam earned the huge popularity. He also presented the popular Rap Battle show ‘Raw Barz’ as well. If you have a Chromecast then we recommend you to give your ears to his songs, so you can catch his songs. Simply Google Chromecast Download app will make you stream his artistic work. Yama Buddha, a son of politicians Ambika Prasad Adhikari was born in Salakpur, Morang. He shifted to Terai with his family when he was six years old and later lived in Salakpur Morang for some years. He did his schooling from Kathmandu and completed his SLC from the Excelsior School. He resided in North London, United Kingdom, with his wife.

Yama BuddhaStill, there’s no firm cause of death but the report says that he committed suicide. He said goodbye to us on 14th of January 2017. The singer was found dead in his bathroom at around 3 am. Buddha released his ‘mixtape’, a CD of 21 tracks in 2011. He was going to launch his latest album ‘Khatra’ in the coming days. His most well-liked song was ‘Sathi’ (companion). He was the host of the popular Nepalese show Raw Barz as well.

If you don’t know the exact process of setting up then without wandering here and there you can go to www Chromecast Com Setup, so you can accurately and facilely get the setup process. Those who know this artist can reminisce him by streaming his videos and tracks from the well-liked streaming platform of YouTube. Rest in Peace Yama Buddha.